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What Are The Risks of Dental Implant Surgery?

Before you decide to go ahead with your dental implants in Richmond, you may be wondering whether there are any risks you should be aware of. Although the majority of dental implant surgery is successful, as with any surgical procedure, there are always associated risks. The following are some potential risks that could occur:

Infection –

The implant site is susceptible to infection of both the bone and the gum tissue if a patient fails to follow the recommended post-operative care immediately after surgery. Infection can also set in if a high level of oral hygiene is not adhered to. Should you spot any sign of possible infection then visit your dentist as quickly as you can, since it could lead to the failure of dental implant.

Failure of osseointegration –

The fusing of the bone to the implant known as osseointegration is key to the success of the dental implant. If this doesn’t happen then the implant could loosen and fall out.

Sinus problems –

If the implant is placed in the back portion of the upper jaw then occasionally it can lead to sinus problems.

Nerve or Tissue Damage –

In very rare circumstances dental implant surgery can affect the tissue or nerves by causing damage to the blood vessels. A sign that this has occurred could be a tingling sensation, numbness or swelling.

It’s also useful to understand that you may suffer some temporary side effects when you undergo surgery for a dental implant. In Richmond any dental implant dentist should talk to you about the potential temporary side effects as follows:

Pain –It’s not unusual to experience some pain after dental implant surgery. Generally speaking it only lasts a few days and can be alleviated with an over the counter painkiller such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Swelling –

Your gums and cheeks may feel swollen but again this should go down within a couple of days. It can be reduced by holding an ice pack wrapped in a cloth on the affected area for no more than 10 minutes and at 20 minute intervals.

Bruising – Dental implant surgery is an invasive process so it is not unusual to experience a little bruising but this will disappear naturally over the course of a few days.

To lessen the chances of you suffering complications your dentist will tell you to stop smoking for at least four weeks before and after surgery, avoid alcohol during the healing period, keep up a high standard of oral hygiene, and finally follow all of the aftercare instructions.

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