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Replacing Dentures with Implant Supported Dental Bridges

Do you currently wear a full upper or lower denture, or perhaps both? If so then you’re probably aware of the problems this method of tooth replacement can cause. Perhaps you currently have most of your natural teeth but know they will all need to be extracted in the very near future. It is possible to have implant supported dentures but these are still fully removable, and need to be taken out each day so you can thoroughly clean around the implants and clean your denture.

Dental Implants Richmond

Full-Arch Dental Bridges Can Be Permanently Attached to Your Dental Implants

If you’d rather get away from this completely then it may be possible for you to have an implant supported dental bridge that is firmly fixed in position and which can only be removed by your dentist. This can be made entirely from porcelain or may have a metal substructure that is covered up with porcelain. Your suitability for this treatment might depend on several different factors including how much gum tissue and bone has already been lost from the bony ridge that used to support your teeth. Even if you have lost some gum tissue then it’s still possible that this can be replicated in pink porcelain as part of your fixed porcelain bridge. Another thing that might influence whether or not you’re suitable for having a full arch fixed bridge is the anatomy of your mouth, the type of bridge you prefer to have and the number of teeth that need replacing.

Having a full bridge supported by implants will require a few more dental implants in Richmond than would have been needed to have an implant supported denture. For example you’re likely to require at least six dental implants to support a full arch dental bridge. This does increase the cost of the procedure but is something that some people might consider worthwhile.

It is not necessary to replace every missing tooth with a dental implant in Richmond, but your dentist in Richmond will need to place sufficient implants to help spread the forces created during biting and chewing foods. If you still have some of your natural teeth then it may be necessary to have them removed and to let the extraction sites heal before implant surgery can be carried out, or your dentist might be able to extract the teeth and place the dental implants all at the same time.

One thing that often concerns patients is whether or not they’ll be left without teeth during this time. Sheen Dental will provide you with some sort of temporary prosthesis to wear at this time, and it could be that we can supply you with a temporary bridge that can be immediately affixed to your dental implants. This technique does depend on a number of different factors and does require a lot of careful consideration and planning and will not be suitable for everyone.

It is something else to think about when you visit Sheen Dental for your free consultation on dental implants. Having a fixed bridge won’t be right for everyone, and it’s only something will recommend if we think it will work well for you. Otherwise there are plenty of alternatives that can be used, and implant overdentures can be extremely successful.


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