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Regular appointments with your hygienist can help prevent gum disease

People often do not realise what is going on in their mouth. Even people with the highest levels of oral hygiene could benefit from a regular professional clean, as there will still be areas of their mouth that they are unable to reach. Our hygienist Richmond is able to leave your mouth cleaner and fresher by carrying out a simple scale and polish, reducing your chances of experiencing gum disease. If you believe that you are experiencing a build-up of plaque and tartar then book an appointment to receive treatment sooner rather than later to avoid any further damage from occurring. Booking an appointment can be done through our website, over the phone or from within our practice. If you have any questions regarding treatment then our friendly dental team will endeavour to answer them to the best of their ability. Sometimes you may not realise that you are in need of a professional clean, but if you have regular check-ups your practitioner will be able to inform you if it is something that you require.

Feel refreshed with a professional clean

Plaque can build up over time and end up becoming hardened to the surfaces of your teeth. Once it has become hardened you will be unable to remove it yourself through brushing and flossing, but our hygienist Richmond is able to help. When you attend your appointment you can expect your practitioner to carry out what is known as a scale and polish. This is where they work carefully and efficiently to remove any tartar, plaque or calculus that you have surrounding your teeth and gums. Sometimes even people that thoroughly clean their teeth will have areas of plaque that have built up, as some areas are extremely difficult to reach. Your practitioner will also ensure that the pockets of your gums are free from plaque, as this is a typical place for plaque to gather and easy to miss when you are cleaning if you do not floss regularly. When plaque is left to build up it can cause problems such as gingivitis, and whilst this is reversible, if you continue to neglect to get treatment this could turn into gum disease which is not reversible and can lead to things such as tooth loss, or other health problems such as cancer or heart disease.

How often should you be visiting the dentist?

How often you should be visiting your hygienist Richmond will depend on your individual circumstances. Your dental practitioner will usually inform you if you need to make an appointment to have a professional clean at your regular check-up. Normally people will need to go for a check-up once or twice a year, but this can vary depending on your individual circumstances. Usually you will have a professional clean around the same amount of times, but again this can vary depending on your circumstances. You do not need to wait for one of our dental practitioners to tell you to book an appointment, if you feel like a professional clean would benefit you then you are able to book an appointment yourself by contacting our practice.


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