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Recently found out you are pregnant?5 reasons to see our dentist at Sheen Dental today!

When you discover that either you or your partner are pregnant, it is a time of great joy. From booking scans to choosing nursery colours, there are lots of things to consider and to do, to make your new baby’s entry into the world a happy and safe one.

And oddly enough, although you may not be aware of it, one of the first places you need to contact is your dental team.

Why? Because during pregnancy, hormonal fluctuations will cause the body to change dramatically, which often leads to some rather unusual dental complications. As there is a well-known link between a mother's dental health and the health of their baby, it is as important to keep your mouth as healthy as every other part of your body.

If you are looking for a dentist in Richmond to oversee your pregnancy with compassion and comfort, come to Sheen Dental. Our team has helped many women maintain high levels of good oral hygiene during pregnancy and beyond. We are experienced in all of the potential dental problems that can arise through pregnancy and can help you to overcome them without additional stress.

So, what are some of the dental issues that may arise during your pregnancy?


Gingivitis in pregnancy is extremely common and, luckily, it is easy to treat and manage for those all-important 9 months.

Our dentist in Richmond will ensure that your teeth are kept free from plaque and tartar (which can make inflammation worse) and will assess the condition of your gums. We may prescribe a medicated mouthwash to help reduce the inflammation if deemed necessary.

Acid erosion

Once again, this is another common issue that our dentist in Richmond treats pregnant women for.

During the first few months of pregnancy, issues like morning sickness can cause excess levels of acid to come into contact with the enamel. Mix that with potential acid reflux and odd food cravings and you may be left with acid erosion on the teeth.

This is easily fixed and our team at Sheen Dental will be able to use a fluoride sealant on your teeth, to protect them against further acid damage. And, once again, can prescribe an acid neutralising mouthwash to keep lingering acid levels at bay.

Tooth decay

With the risks of weakened enamel, pregnant women are at a higher level of experiencing tooth decay.

As both fillings and root canals are safe to perform during pregnancy, our team can restore your teeth with ease and provide you with targeted washes to keep plaque levels low.

Pregnancy tumours

As scary as they sound, pregnancy tumours are lumps which form on the gums. They are often benign and will resolve themselves after you or your partner have given birth.

However, if they become too large or painful, our team can remove them safely.


Inflammation of the gums can lead to soreness when eating and so, if you experience any inflammation during your pregnancy (with or without bleeding when brushing your teeth), visit our team for treatment.


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