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Polishing up on a quality dental hygienist in Richmond

Care and consideration

Here at Sheen Dental, we strive to make each of our patients feel comfortable, constant and at ease throughout each stage of their unique dental journey. It is our ethos that, as no two sets of teeth are identical, there should be no two sets of the same treatment. At Sheen Dental however, we tailor each service we provide to fit the specific needs and requirements of the individual, rather than simply opting for the clinical, one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, which has sadly become an all too common practice in numerous dental offices throughout the country. It is our all-inclusive and welcoming philosophy which has helped us gain the rapport and revere that we enjoy today across the Richmond community, and establish us as a top-tier dentist and dental hygienist in Richmond who truly cares for its patients. All too often, patients are treated with cold, clinical uniformity within their dental practices, and viewed as one in a stream of virtually indistinguishable cases. At Sheen Dental however, we tailor each service we provide so that it meets the specific needs and requirements of every individual patient.

The root of the problem

Our dental hygienist service is one of our most popular across the Richmond area, for all age demographics. The main goal of a dental hygienist is to prevent gingivitis, gum disease and other dental issues which can lead to bad breath, decay or other detrimental effects on oral health. Periodontal disease, and the identification and prevention therein, is another key role of our dental hygienists. Often known as gum disease, periodontal disease is often difficult to detect initially, as it begins painlessly, but if it is not treated effectively and swiftly, it can often lead to the structures which support your teeth from becoming inflamed and infected, and can sometimes lead to tooth loss. One of the earliest indicative signs of gum disease is when patients spit blood when flossing or brushing their teeth. If this is a regular occurrence, patients are urged to seek treatment through a dental hygienist, like our trained team of approachable professionals here at Sheen Dental. Our hygienists are well-versed in combating the onset signs of gum disease, as well as addressing any other issues which are affecting the patient, and offering advice - such as tips to help them stop smoking, or improve their overall dental wellbeing.

A fresh start

It is our belief here at Sheen Dental, that prevention is the best form of treatment. As such, we put an increased amount of energy and focus towards education of our patients - particularly those who are younger - around quality dental care, and how they can avoid any potential damage to their teeth. This method of preventative dentistry helps to eradicate the need for lengthy and extensive dental work, through education in proper methods and techniques. Another popular process which is available through our dental hygienist service, is a scale and polish service. This is a process whereby a specialist dental tool is used to clean all the superficial plaque build up on a patient's teeth, and leave them with a renewed, cleaner smile and vastly reduce the risk of gum disease or decay from developing.


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