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Oral hygiene tips and instructions

When it comes to a great oral hygiene routine, prevention is better than cure. Investing in good tools and visiting the dentist and hygienist regularly, will help you maintain your smile for years to come.

At Sheen Dental, we offer a complete oral hygiene service including a thorough examination and cleaning conducted by our experienced hygienist in Richmond. Following your hygienist’s advice can help prevent many problems including gum disease and tooth decay. Moreover, your hygienist in Richmond will also show you all the right ways to brush and floss your teeth effectively.

Brushing and flossing

To get the best results from brushing, you should invest in a good toothbrush and learn how to use it effectively with the help of your hygienist. While many people are enthusiastic about brushing their teeth every day, they still experience problems because they are not brushing them properly. Instead of swiping you toothbrush across your teeth, try using small circular moves for each tooth and don’t forget to clean in-between the gum line as well.

Flossing is also important since it will help remove most of the bacteria hiding in hard-to-reach places in your mouth. If you are uncertain about your flossing abilities, simply ask your hygienist in Richmond.

Cleaning your teeth professionally

Professional cleanings are essential for keeping your smile shiny and disease-free and can only be performed by a dentist or hygienist. Even if you take good care of your teeth and gums at home, you will still need to clean them professionally at least twice a year (or more often depending on your individual problems). Your hygienist in Richmond will remove the plaque completely from your mouth with special tools, preventing the formation of tartar that could lead to many oral health problems. Moreover, your hygienist in Richmond will also identify any potential problems that could lead to extensive and expensive treatment.

Pay attention to your mouth

Paying attention to your mouth is really important for maintaining good oral health. If you feel that your gums are inflamed or notice blood after you brush your teeth, then it’s time to see your hygienist in Richmond as soon as possible.

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