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Oral health advice from a hygienist in Richmond

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy may seem pretty easy, but there are still patients that struggle with keeping up a good oral cleaning routine. A lax approach to maintaining your teeth means horrible things like infection, gingivitis and loss of the protective enamel coating can occur.

So, with that lovely picture in mind, here are a few tips our hygienist in Richmond might recommend to help your smile last.

Brush regularly

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of advice our hygienist in Richmond would suggest is to just brush as often as you can. Ideally you should be giving your teeth a good scrub at least twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening before bed, to clear out any food particles that have built up during the day. Missing out on a good oral clear out can make it much easier for plaque and bacteria to build up between your teeth and from there it’s a downward slope to gum disease.

Use an electric brush

On the topic of brushing, try switching your manual brush for an electric one. These can help provide a much deeper clean, as their vibrating heads and sonic technology means they can reach much deeper into those tricky areas of your mouth that can be hard to clean.

Electric brushes are also a good recommendation for elderly or younger patients who might struggle slightly with the physical exertion of having to manually brush back and forth repeatedly.

Our team at Sheen Dental can help you get on the right track to a great oral health routine that will keep your teeth and gums looking fresh and clean.

Introduce floss and mouthwash

For that super deep clean feeling we recommend that you introduce dental floss and mouthwash if you can. Floss is great for reaching in between your teeth and pulling out those pesky food particles that can become wedged and resistant to brushing.

After flossing a good rinse with mouthwash can help clear out any leftover plaque, as well as sterilise the area getting rid of bacteria, to help your gums stay clean and healthy looking.

Although, if you do plan on introducing floss and mouthwash, we have some sage advice to keep in mind. For flossing try to avoid pulling too hard with the floss as this could damage your gums. Also, when picking a mouthwash brand try to aim for the weaker end of the brand scale, as the chemicals in some of the stronger versions can potentially damage your teeth.

Book regular check-ups

Finally, nothing is better for your oral health than a regular routine check-up every six months at our practice. Regularly coming in means our team will be able to track your progress and keep an eye on any potentially risky problems that might pop up with your teeth.

These are just a few things you can try to up your oral health game. If you’re still unsure where to begin or what will work best for you, then just ask our team on your next appointment at the practice.


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