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Missing Tooth Replacement? Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants

There’s no denying the fact that dental implants are by far the most costly method of tooth replacement. This is irrespective of whether you undergo dental implants in Richmond or indeed in Harley Street. So are they really worth it?

Ask any dentist or clinic who deal in dental implants and they will probably tell you that the benefits far outweigh the initial cost. So with this in mind, let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

Dental Implants Richmond

Prevent bone loss

When a tooth is missing, the tooth root is no longer there to stimulate the bone tissue in the jaw line and as a result it starts to degenerate. Bone loss can be problematic over time as it can affect the stability of your remaining teeth. A dental implant uses a titanium rod which is secured down into the jaw bone. In a way it mimics the missing tooth root and over time bone tissue will merge and fuse with it in a process known as osseointegration. This kick starts the regeneration process and therefore not only prevents initial bone loss, but also encourages new growth.

Long lasting

When you consider that the life span of a denture is somewhere between 10-15 years, a well- fitted dental implant in Richmond can (if cared for properly) last 3-4 times as long as this and sometimes more. If you then add up the cost of recurring dentures, then suddenly implants may seem a pretty good financial investment.

They are the real deal

Because of the fact that dental implants look, feel and even act just like our real teeth they are considered the nearest thing that modern dentistry has to real tooth replacement. In fact in most cases it’s very difficult to tell them apart and that’s what makes them so unique. Wearers find that they’re extremely comfortable and they love the fact that they can eat what they like without worrying about the affects it will have on their teeth. Cleaning is a real doddle and regular brushing and flossing as per normal is all it takes to maintain them.

If you want the very best aesthetic results for your mouth then you need to speak to Sheen Dental. Implants in Richmond don’t get much better than this and our experienced team led by Dr Harmit Kalsi will see that you receive the right treatment in order to give you a natural looking smile that you can be proud of. Contact us on 020 8876 7255 or visit our website at for further details.


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