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Are You Planning a Makeover with Dental Implants? Allow Plenty of Time

Sheen Dental does offer an extensive range of cosmetic dentistry treatments, and quite often dental implants to replace one or two teeth will be part of the treatment plan. Smile makeovers are something many people plan for a special event, but it can be easy to underestimate the time required to complete complex treatments such as dental implants in Richmond.

Dental Implants Richmond

If you are contemplating rejuvenating your smile this year then it’s best to allow as much time as you can. You can get an idea of the time required for placing a dental implant in Richmond simply by booking your free consultation at Sheen Dental. This will give you a good idea of the amount of time required, and the type of costs involved. Sometimes certain treatments need to be carried out before others to ensure the finished results look as natural as possible and that all the dental work in your mouth is exactly the same shade.

Single Dental Implants Can Be Very Straightforward

Having a single dental implant is often very straightforward and relatively quick, but this does depend on whether or not you have sufficient bone in your jaw to support the implant. If you don’t then Dr Harmit Kalsi might need to carry out a bone graft. This is a straightforward procedure that is routinely carried out at Sheen Dental, but it will add additional time to your treatment plan. Usually bone grafts need to be left to integrate for between three and six months. This length of time is necessary for your body to begin building new bone cells around the graft so it becomes a strong and stable part of your jaw.

If you already have sufficient bone in your jaw then you might be up to complete your implant treatment within 3 to 4 months. This does depend on whether or not the tooth has already been extracted and if the extraction site has sufficiently healed to place the implant. Sometimes it might be possible to extract the tooth and place the implants during one appointment, but otherwise you might need to have the tooth extracted before waiting several months for the extraction site to completely heal. Once the healing process is completed then you’ll be able to have the implant inserted. At this stage you will still need to wait three months for the implant to fuse with your jawbone. During this time you will be supplied with a temporary tooth to wear, and this will remain in place until your permanent crown is completed and fitted in your mouth.

If you intend to have implant supported bridgework then it’s possible the overall treatment time might take a little longer as it’s even more important that the implants are precisely positioned. If the bridge is particularly large then your dentist might want to try in the framework before the porcelain is applied to ensure the end results are both aesthetic and functional.

Planning a smile makeover might seem daunting, but the dental team at Sheen Dental can help. We can make sure you understand each procedure and how it will work in conjunction with the overall treatment plan. The first step is simple, as all you need to do is pick up the phone to book an appointment, or that you can even schedule an appointment online.


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