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Let our hygienist in Richmond put the sparkle back into your smile

Brushing up on your options

At Sheen Dental we are a dental practice that prides itself on always providing our patients with the most comprehensive cosmetic, preventive and restorative dental treatments out there, from within a practice in which patient's feel both comfortable and relaxed.

We understand that the past few years may have been tough on your oral health, as other matters and circumstances took precedent. However, by contacting our dental hygienist in Richmond and arranging a consultation and clean we can fully restore your smile back to its former glory and boost your self-esteem in the process.

What is a dental hygienist in Richmond?

While many people are aware of the various types of cosmetic dental treatments on offer - such as dental whitening - fewer people are aware that you can achieve similar aesthetic boosting results through visiting our dental hygienist in Richmond. Principally, a dental hygienist is a dental practitioner who focuses their entire service around making sure a patient’s teeth are as healthy and fit as possible.

This, in turn, can lead to a visibly improved smile that not only looks great but is also healthy and clean - which can vastly increase your smile longevity and minimise the risk of developing gingivitis, periodontal disease, decay or other dental problems.

Another benefit of seeking out the aid of a dental hygienist is that your breath will smell fresher, as they can remove any hidden or hard-to-reach pockets of plaque or food particles that may be developing within your mouth and causing bad breath. This is most commonly carried out during a two-stage deep-clean procedure which our hygienist regularly provides called a scale and polish.

What does a scale and polish involve?

If you are concerned that your dental health may have suffered a knock over recent months and would like to restore it back to full health, the best way to do so is through a scale and polish procedure at our practice here at Sheen Dental.

However, before a scale and polish can begin our hygienist must first carry out a thorough examination to establish if there are any signs of decay or gum disease which would have to be addressed before the deep-clean. After completing this examination - and provided that nothing is noticed which may stand in the way of the success of the clean - the scale and polish can begin.

The first step in the process is lovingly refed to as ‘the scape’ and consists of using an ultrasound scraper alongside several hand-help devices to scape away any plaque and tartar buildups from all throughout your teeth. This includes the harder to reach areas between teeth where plaque buildups are most common.

Once the surface layer of plaque, bacteria and tartar has been scaped off, our hygienist will then carry out the ‘polish’ stage of the clean. This involves buffering and shining each individual tooth with a dental polishing tool to clean them up visibly and leave your smile fresh and healthy. After this stage is finished you can leave our practice with a noticeably whiter and fresher looking smile which can have a seriously uplifting effect on your self-esteem and confidence levels.


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