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Let our highly efficient hygienist in Richmond reignite your smile

Getting back on track

Here at Sheen Dental our staff and practitioners emphasise the pressures and stresses which many have experienced in recent months and understand that many may have not found time to visit our hygienist in Richmond.

However, now is the perfect time for anybody who feels their dental care has somewhat suffered recently to take action by reaching out to us and arranging to visit our hygienists.

By doing so we can make sure your dental health is assessed by some of the best in the business, as well as provide you with the option of a professional deep-clean which can have a visibly positive impact on how your teeth look.

What is a dental hygienist?

While most of our patients are aware of the work our cosmetic and restorative dentists do here at Sheen Dental, we’ve found that fewer people are often as clued up on the work which our dentalhygienist in Richmond does - which, in turn, can cause them to avoid seeking out the care and help they need.

Unlike cosmetic dentists or restorative practitioners, our dental hygienist purely focuses their discipline around keeping your teeth healthy and clean - rather than tackling one or more cosmetic concerns. Where the confusion spans from is that often the work which our dental hygienist does has a visibly uplifting effect on how your teeth look, and one which is often likened to the same results as cosmetic dental whitening.

What does a hygienist do?

Alongside carrying out professional deep cleans of your teeth, another massive part of what a dental hygienist does is identifying any signs of something potentially sinister in development - such as gingivitis, periodontal disease or decay.

When you visit our dental hygienist one of the first things they will do is conduct an extensive exam of your dental health, and, should any signs of decay or gum disease be identified, make sure that the proper treatments to rectify these issues are booked as quickly as possible.

Another crucial job that our dental hygienist in Richmond carries out here at Sheen Dental is educating our patients about proper dental hygiene and giving them actionable tips they can use to preserve their dental health and prevent any return visits too soon.

People often think that these tips and advice is only reserved for our younger patient's, but at Sheen Dental we believe you are never too old to learn new habits and our hygienist provides help and advice to anyone who needs it - regardless of their age.

What is a professional deep-clean?

One of the most popular services our hygienist offers is a two-stage dental deep-cleaning procedure called a scale and polish. This is a widely sought out service as it completely restores patients teeth to full health and massively limits the likelihood of developing decay or gum disease. Additionally, a scale and polish often leave patients’ teeth looking far fresher and cleaner than before.

If you would like to discover whether a scale and polish could help turn your frown upside down and get your smile looking fresh and healthy, then get in contact with our understanding and approachable staff here at Sheen Dental today!


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