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Just How Versatile Are Dental Implants?

Many people may well be under the impression that whether you undergo treatment for dental implants in Richmond, or indeed anywhere else in the country, it means replacing just one tooth with an implant. For many this may well be all that they need, but the good news is that dental implants are indeed very flexible. Let’s take a look…..

Dental Implants Richmond


In some instances it’s possible to use dental implants to create a bridge. This works really well when a person has a gap of 2-4 teeth. Under normal circumstances a bridge utilises the support of two healthy teeth to hold it in place. These teeth have to be filed and shaped to take the bridge, rendering them open to tooth decay at a later date. Instead an implant bridge doesn’t rely on any other teeth as implants are placed either end of the gap and the bridge is then supported by the implants.


If you have no teeth in the lower jaw and don’t want to go through multiple implants then there is another option as a conventional denture can be improved considerably by placing two implants beneath the front section of the jaw. This is known as an over-denture. The denture would still have to be removed at night time and for cleaning as you would with a standard set of dentures; however the implants hold it in place far more securely, so you won’t have the embarrassing problem of denture slippage.

All on 4

The All-on-4 procedure is aptly named so that it can support a whole arch of teeth using just four implants or posts. In essence 4 rods or implants are positioned at strategic points along the jaw-line (usually one at either end and the other two, both left and right of the centre) A realistic looking set of replacement teeth is then attached to the implants and held in place. It’s a reliable and speedier way of achieving a whole set of teeth.

As you can see, dental implants are a very flexible and indeed permanent solution to tooth or teeth replacement and here at Sheen Dental we’ve been fitting dental implants in Richmond with great success for many years. So if you’re fed up with missing teeth or wearing uncomfortable dentures that just won’t stay in place, and then book a free, no-obligation appointment with us where we can discuss your options. Call us today on 020 8876 5277 or visit the website at  Dr Harmit Kalsi and the team are standing by to help you restore that perfect smile, once and for all!


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