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Just How Important Is Your Smile Really?

They say that you only get one attempt to make a good first impression and a great smile is all part of that. Here at Sheen Dental we’ve been dealing in preventative, cosmetic and restorative dentistry including dental implants in Richmond for many years. As such, we know that many people come to us because they are longing to improve their smile and bring back some much needed self confidence.

Dental Implants Richmond

If you have missing teeth and have developed habits such as covering your mouth or suppressing laughter, then you’re certainly not alone. As many people battle with teeth problems, smiling is often the last thing they want to be doing. However, research has shown that smiling has a lot more beneficial factors than first meets the eye. Let’s take a look…

Smiling makes you feel and appear more attractive

Not only does smiling make you appear more attractive, it also makes you feel more attractive. In a recent survey carried out by online dating site, they suggest that as many as 93% of clients make judgments based on non-verbal feedback. Out of these people polled, as many as 81% are first attracted to the person, because of their smile.

Smiling gives you confidence

Yes it’s true…smiling really can boost your confidence levels. Smiling has the ability to relax you and along with relaxation, comes greater self-esteem and confidence. So the next time you’re in a situation where you don’t feel confident, then break out a smile.

Communicates to others that you care

When you break out that beaming smile to reveal great looking teeth it communicates to others around you that you care about yourself and your appearance. This can have a seriously positive effect on many outcomes or aspects of your life, ranging from job interviews and meetings, through to those awkward first dates.

Smiling makes you more approachable, even on the phone!

Many tele-sales operators are now being taught that they should be smiling and genuinely happy when they talk to potential customers on the phone. Why? Because when people smile it makes them more approachable and trustworthy and surprisingly, studies have shown that this is noticeable in a smiling person’s tone of voice. In addition smiling allows a person to be able to speak more clearly and confidently as well as speaking with greater accuracy.

It’s contagious

How many times have you felt a little down, only to find that your spirits are immediately lifted just by someone cracking a smile? Smiling is contagious. Not only that, when you smile it encourages others to relax in your company.

The bottom line is that smiling can open up so many doors for you and improve your overall health. If you are looking to bring back that much needed smile and boost your self-confidence then come at talk to us about dental implants in Richmond today. Call us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at  to book your free, no-obligation consultation and set the wheels in motion towards making a difference to your life.


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