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Just as important as the dentist

People harp on about how important it is to go to the dentist for a check-up twice a year. And so it is. Dentists can pick up on problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease, way before patients will become aware of them. But visiting the hygienist is just as important. So please don’t book one appointment without making sure you also book the other. Not convinced that visiting the hygienist in Richmond at Sheen Dental is worth your time and money? Let’s see if we can convince you otherwise.

Hygienist in Richmond

What does a hygienist do?

It’s very simple really. The job of the hygienist in Richmond is to remove all that plaque and hardened calculus that has built up on your teeth. The hygienist can also teach you better brushing techniques and show you how to use floss and interdental brushes. The hygienist in Richmond can also making learning more fun for your kids.

What’s the big deal about plaque?

Plaque is the name for a kind of bacteria that live in your mouth. Don’t panic; they are meant to be there. These bacteria are not harmful but they do love a bit of sugar. Eat anything sugary and they will feast on what remains in your mouth and then go into reproduction overdrive, giving off acids as they do so. That’s why, when you have eaten something very sugary, it feels like you have a furry film growing on your teeth. Plaque is growing on your teeth, giving off acids.

This is why you brush your teeth, to get rid of the acid-producing plaque. But, if you don’t brush them away, after about 72 hours, the little blighters harden like limescale on a tap and no amount of brushing will remove them. They will still be giving off acids, right up against your teeth, making holes to let decay in through. The acids also irritate your gums and then get underneath them to start attacking your tooth roots and jawbone.

So, come along to the hygienist in Richmond to get that plaque removed, and your teeth will feel nicer and last longer.


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