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Interesting facts about your teeth and your dentist that you probably don’t know

Your dentist in Richmond wants you to clean your teeth better. Did you know that approximately one in four adults brushes between 45 seconds to 90 seconds? That is 30 to 40 seconds less than recommended cleaning time and could be the difference between a healthy mouth and one full of cavities.

We often find that the advice we give our patient falls on deaf ears. People do not prioritise their teeth, and this becomes apparent when they repeatedly come back to us with the same preventable problems which could be avoided by following a regular and effective cleaning routine.

Our aim at Sheen Dental is to educate you about dental health and hygiene, and the consequences of neglecting your teeth. Our teeth have a far more significant role than we might imagine and are not just useful for smiling in photographs and chewing food. Information is critical, and we hope that the below will help you change your ways starting today.

People have been taking care of their teeth for hundreds of years, and so should you

Ancient civilisations used crude forms of toothpaste made from ground minerals, and toothbrushes fashioned from twigs because they knew the importance of having a healthy mouth, even back then, without the proper equipment and skilled dental practitioners available.

Advances in modern dentistry have made looking after our teeth simple and easy. The tools to keep your teeth in good health are found everywhere - there are hundreds of brands of toothpaste on the market and endless toothbrush models at your disposal. Dental care is not a luxury but an affordable necessity for everyone - so be sure to visit your dentist in Richmond twice a year for checkups.

Flossing is not an optional extra

Do you want to know a frightening statistic? Brushing alone leaves behind 40% of harmful bacteria in your mouth, between your teeth and in those hard-to-reach spaces. The grit called plaque that remains builds up over time and hardens into tartar, damaging your teeth and gums. The consequences of an inadequate cleaning routine that does not incorporate daily flossing are tooth decay and gum disease.

This does not exclude children - start flossing your offspring’s milk teeth as soon as they start fitting together - this could be as young as two.

What you eat matters

The sweetness of sugar is hard to resist. Although consuming too much of it is not only bad for your skin and health, but also rots your teeth.

Stick to a healthy diet comprising of fruit, nuts, eggs, vegetables, protein and cheese. Limit your daily coffee and tea intake to one or two cups a day, and without milk and sugar if possible. Avoid sugary drinks at all costs - the acid and sugar combine to erode your teeth, and juices that have a high acidic content such as lemon cordial. A high carb diet is not only a danger to your health, but the sugar found in starch is bad news for your teeth.

Your teeth are icebergs

At least a third of each tooth lies under your gums, which means it is crucial to have both healthy gums and teeth. Brushing your gums is different from cleaning your teeth - be gentle and massage them with the tips of your toothbrush.

A minute, 60 seconds does not amount to much, but when it comes to your teeth brushing them for longer and taking greater care prevents cavities, gum diseases and keeps your pearly whites brilliantly white and clean. If you want good advice on keeping teeth healthy contact Sheen Dental your dentist in Richmond.


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