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Improve your smile and oral health with the help of a dentist in Richmond

Here at Sheen Dental, we care about improving our patients' smiles and have passionately done so for over 100 years. Our qualified team includes an array of experienced dentists, therapists, hygienists, and nurses. We welcome new and existing patients and cater to adults and children for all their oral healthcare needs.

If you’re looking for a different dentist Richmond, we welcome new patients to our practice and would be happy to arrange a first appointment with you. Our experienced staff take immense pride in the quality of dentistry offered at our practice and strive to make your visit with us as enjoyable as possible.

If you’re looking for a specific treatment with a dentist Richmond we offer everything from general dentistry to cosmetic treatments and dental implants. We also offer a range of orthodontics to help improve and align your teeth.

We welcome new patients at our practice

Are you new to the area and looking to find a dentist Richmond to help take care of your oral health? Visit us at our modern practice in Richmond. During your first appointment with us we will conduct a comprehensive oral examination as well as review your medical and dental history.

During your consultation we are also able to screen for oral cancer and provide a periodontal health examination to evaluate the state of your gums. This is vitally important as it will help our dental practitioner to evaluate your mouth and assess the state of everything, so we can determine how to maintain good levels of oral health.

Our experienced dentist is here to improve your smile

Our contemporary practice is easily located in Upper Richmond Road West in East Sheen, close to the garden centre. We offer patients access to private off-street parking conveniently situated in front of the building. At our practice we also offer access for those with disabilities, and we have surgeries on the ground floor, as well a ramp in place should you wish to enter the building this way.

We recommend preventive dentistry to ensure great oral health

We offer preventive dentistry featuring a variety of treatments that cater to sensitive teeth, children’s teeth, and smoking cessation as well as mouth cancer screenings.

By ensuring you attend general check-ups with our dentist an early diagnosis can be made of any dental issues or infections that may arise and you can receive treatment as a result. This helps to prevent any conditions or symptoms from worsening so you can enjoy a healthy smile.

Enjoy the results of a mini smile makeover with teeth whitening

Are you looking to change the appearance of your teeth, but are not sure how to go about the process? We offer teeth whitening treatments so you can receive whiter, healthier teeth with a professional whitening treatment. If you find yourself feeling self-conscious due to staining on your teeth, we recommend considering our teeth whitening treatment.

Simply visit our dental practitioner at our practice rooms in Richmond and receive an assessment of your teeth and we will create customised teeth whitening trays specifically for your treatment plan.

Visit us today at Sheen Dental to find out more about teeth whitening and our other available treatments.


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