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Improve your oral health with our hygienist

We should all strive to attain the best possible oral health and hygiene standards, as this will help to ensure that our teeth and gums stay robust and are able to serve their purpose throughout our lives. This is the reason we all seek to brush our teeth twice a day with high-quality toothpaste and many of us will also use mouthwash, as this can help to remove a large amount of bacteria from our mouths, adding an extra layer of cleanliness to our teeth and gums.

We should all be honest with ourselves and admit that the oral cleaning routines that we all practise at home in our daily lives are not the only method we should use to make sure that we have high standards in our oral health. It is always a good idea to seek the guidance of a dental professional. When we visit the dental practice we normally assume that we need to seek the advice and possibly treatment that can only be provided to us by a dentist. However, we should recognise that there are other types of dental professionals that work inside these buildings and can offer patients vital services.

At Sheen Dental we feel that it is important that our patients have the ability to gain access to a hygienist Richmond who can offer patients a specialised set of skills and services that aim to ensure they have a high level of oral health.

Help for smokers

One of the most harmful ways to damage your teeth and gums is by smoking cigarettes and cigars, as the nicotine and tar in these deadly products can build up to leave nasty stains on your teeth and also add to the level of tooth decay as these products can be corrosive. If you are a smoker you may have considered giving up the habit, but may also feel that you would benefit from some professional help to achieve this, as breaking any addictive habit can be hard to do and we now know that smoking is one of the most addictive habits any person can take up.

With the help of our dental hygienist Richmond you may find support in your attempts to give up smoking cigarettes and this may be the help you need to break the habit and as a result, you will feel the health benefits. The key for many who wish to quit smoking is two-pronged, first, feeling supported in your efforts is a must, but this support needs to have a professional element attached to it. The other prong to being successful in giving up smoking is not to try to achieve it at a pace that is too quick for you. If you feel it is better for you to cut down rather than stopping altogether then you need to be allowed to feel that is the right course of action for you to take.

Quitting will improve your oral health standards

By seeing our hygienist Richmond to start a smoking cessation programme you will be moving in a direction that will help you to improve your oral health standards. Once you have successfully given up smoking you can talk to them again about ways to remove the smoking stains from your teeth so they look clean.


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