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The Importance of Dental Implant Bone Grafting And What It Entails

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If you’ve considered undergoing a dental implant in Richmond, then you may have also heard of the term ‘bone grafting’. It’s a fairly complex procedure and is used in circumstances where there is jaw bone deficiency or where it’s decayed or damaged. The intention is to restore the jaw line so that there is sufficient and indeed healthy bone on which to attach the titanium implant. For this reason it’s often a vital part of the dental implant process.

If you are a candidate for a bone grafting procedure there may well be several options open to the surgeon which he will discuss in full with you prior to surgery and these are as follows:

Block bone grafting

This is where bone is taken from another part of your body such as the hip or chin and then placed into the damaged or decayed jawbone, where the titanium implant will then be fitted. This is often used in circumstances where the surgeon cannot take further bone from another part of the jaw line and is usually carried out by a non-dental orthopaedic surgeon and performed in hospital. After extraction the bone is sent to the dental surgeon who will then graft it in the jaw area as required. As with all bone graft procedures, healing time is needed prior to fitting the implant and can take around 3-6 months. This is the same whether you undergo a dental implant in Richmond or anywhere else in the country

Allograft bone transplants

Allograft transplants are taken from cadavers and although it may sound somewhat gruesome, cadaver bone transplants are extremely commonplace and indeed safe. They are used under the strict control of bone banks which have been set up and safely used in thousands of procedures over many years.

Xenograft bone transplants

In some cases xenograft transplants are carried out and this is so called because instead of using human bone, animal bone is used. Because both the allografts of cadavers and the xenograft transplants of animals are foreign to your body, there is a small chance that bone tissue rejection may take place. Therefore patients who undergo these type of bone grafts are often kept under close monitoring.

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