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If I’m missing A lot Of Teeth Then Do I Need An Implant For Each One?

For anyone who is considering a dental implant in Richmond or anywhere in the country they may be wondering whether in fact they need an implant for each missing tooth. Given that the cost for a single implant can be anywhere between £800-£2,500 then if they’re missing a lot of teeth, the likely cost may seem to be well out of their reach, which leads on to the question of just how many implants are needed to replace several teeth?

Dental Implants Richmond

Advances in dental technology are taking place all the time and continue to benefit patients in different ways. For example manufacturers of dental implants are striving to create devices which lead to osseointegration taking less time to happen and which also results in a far stronger bond between the bone and the surface of the implant. One particularly beneficial development in implant dentistry is the All-on-4-Treatment technique which means that a person who is missing all of their teeth can have their smile completely restored with the use of just 4 implants.

If you’re worried that you may need to have several teeth replaced with an implant in each socket then the good news is that this probably won’t be the case at all. Since All-on-4 implants are designed specifically to support the full weight of an arch of teeth, then the surgeon can place 4 implants towards the front of the jaw. This technique also benefits patients who may have been wearing dentures for some time and have suffered an extensive loss of bone as a consequence since the bone tends to be thickest at the front of the jaw which means that most dental implant patients are suitable candidates for All-on-4.

However, it must be pointed out that each patient is different and consequently the oral surgeon will evaluate a patient’s mouth structure to determine whether they can manage with just 4 implants. In some cases the surgeon may suggest replacing teeth at the rear of the jaw with individual dental implants since they take the brunt of force from chewing.

A dental implant consultation is the first step for anyone considering dental implants. In Richmond, at Sheen Dental we offer a free no obligation consultation which gives a prospective patient the chance to discuss the best form of treatment with the dental surgeon and to understand why a particular procedure is recommended in their case. Why not start the ball rolling by giving us a call to book a consultation or visit our website at for more information.


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