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If a daily oral regime is carried out at home, why see the hygienist?

The daily regime

From a young age, we are all taught how to brush our teeth and often carry out the process first thing in the morning and just before bed. Whilst this process is essential for everyone to follow, (even us at Sheen Dental!), we often do not pay enough attention to how much debris we are removing from our mouth and whether or not we should be using more than just a toothbrush. This lack of attention, which many of us are guilty of, means that plaque builds up on the teeth and oral hygiene problems such as bad breath and gingivitis can arise. Luckily for our patients, attending regular appointments with our hygienist Richmond can help prevent the results of bad oral hygiene and steer them in the right direction with their cleaning routine at home. The impact of poor oral hygiene

Taking time to thoroughly clean our teeth is not something we necessarily do at home in great detail. It may be a quick brush before school or work and then another just before bed, with the occasional mouthwash to mask the slight odour to the breath. Whilst carrying out this process in any form is beneficial, the impact of poor oral hygiene can be quite significant on our lives. Bad breath is one of the more common signs of inadequate oral hygiene. Whilst a swig with mouthwash or a chew of some minty gum can work wonders, it does not eliminate the issue and merely masks it for a few hours. That said, it is important to understand the cause of these unpleasant smells. After all, none of us want to have to point out the bad breath of a friend! At Sheen Dental our hygienist Richmond can help narrow down the potential pitfalls within your oral hygiene process and provide you with alternatives or more extensive cleaning methods to use at home to deal with the issue rather than hide it. Therefore saving any embarrassment for you or on the side of an erring friend!

Gingivitis or periodontal disease is another common side effect of poor oral hygiene and whilst it is easy to ignore slight bleeding of the gums, the impact over time can be quite severe and result in tooth loss. A simple visit to the hygienist Richmond cannot solve all your dental problems as you are the main carer of your teeth, but at Sheen Dental we will certainly do our best! We can not only provide you with a thorough clean, but also teach you how to take efficient care of your teeth, mouth and gums. This education could be the difference between having a healthy, natural smile, and needing more extensive dental treatments to save your smile. Visiting a couple of times a year or as often as recommended by your dental practice is therefore the more sensible option for both short and long-term reasons. Isn’t visiting the dentist the same as the hygienist?

Whilst visiting the dentist is of extreme importance it is not the same as seeing the hygiene team. A dentist focuses their attention on the actual teeth more and whilst they will provide a clean and advise on certain aspects of the oral hygiene process, they will often refer you to see the hygienist Richmond for a more in-depth clean and education on how to improve overall oral hygiene.

It is important to seek further information and advice from your dental team on any treatments or procedures mentioned within this article. This is to ensure that you fully understand all aspects of the process before undergoing any treatments.


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