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How You Can Benefit From Dental Implants?

If you’re a long term denture wearer then you already know just how socially awkward and often uncomfortable they can be. The good news is that with the help of dental implants in Richmond then here at Sheen Dental we offer a variety of alternatives to common or garden dentures that will allow you to carry out normal everyday events such as chewing and speaking, make you more comfortable and even give you back your confidence. So without further ado…let’s take a look

Dental Implants Richmond

A dental implant supported bridge

If you have several missing teeth that are adjacent to each other (normally three) then an implant supported bridge may well be the answer. Unlike a conventional bridge which relies on healthy teeth either side of the gap being ground down to provide a support for the centre tooth, implants are self supporting. As a result two implants can be placed into the jaw and a central tooth can be made to fill the gap.

Multiple dental implants

If you have a variety of teeth missing in multiple areas then you may want to opt for a series of individual dental implants. As the name suggests they are individually planted into the jaw line as a replacement for the missing natural tooth root. What happens is that gradually the bone tissue merges and bonds with the titanium implant to create a super-strong platform upon which to put a porcelain crown. Unlike dentures, implants never have to be removed and are treated just like your normal teeth would be, giving you a stress and hassle-free oral experience.

Full row replacement

Understandably if you needed a full row/arch of teeth replaced then placing individual implants in each of the spaces left would be both time consuming and expensive. Therefore there is another solution known as ‘All-on-4′. As the name suggests, just four dental implants are placed at strategic positions along the line of teeth and are then used as an anchor to firmly hold a full arch of dentures. As they clip in and out they are always held firmly in place, so there’s never any worry about denture slippage or having to be concerned about what you eat.

As you can see when it comes to dental implants, they can be used in a variety of ways. So if you’re sick and tired of your existing dentures and are longing for an easier option, then contact Sheen Dental. We’ve been fitting dental implants in Richmond as replacements for standard dentures for many years. As a result we know firsthand the difference implants have made to our denture wearing clientèle. So contact us today on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at to see just how we can change your life for the better.


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