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How our dentist in Richmond can help with more than just your tooth health

What lots of patients don’t realise is that having healthy teeth goes far beyond just benefitting your pearly whites. Healthy smiles are integral to overall health. They have links to digestion, headaches, and good mental health. Investing in your smile means investing in yourself. So let's take a further look at how our dentist Richmond can help you.

Teeth and confidence

Having a smile you are proud of is really important when it comes to your mental wellbeing. Feeling ashamed or embarrassed about your teeth can niggle away at you without you even realising. Covering your mouth when you laugh or eat are often behaviours observed of those who are suffering with poor self-image relating to their teeth. These little behaviours might not seem like much at first, but over time build up and start to affect us day to day. This can cause patients to spend more and more precious brain power worrying about their teeth rather than focusing on what’s important, such as time with family or the next big project at work. Our dentist Richmond is trained in multiple areas of cosmetic dentistry and will easily be able to work with you to find whatever part of your smile it is that’s causing you anxiety and will be able to assist in finding a solution. With Sheen Dental now able to offer 0% finance on many of our procedures, cosmetic dentistry has never been more accessible.

Teeth and digestion

The health of your teeth reflects in your digestion in different ways, firstly, the brain has a very strong connection with the gut. If you are experiencing struggles with anxiety such as poor body image (as mentioned above) how your body digests food can be affected. This is often related to IBS. More and more people in the UK are being diagnosed with IBS - a condition related to gut health. If you’re someone who’s frequently affected by bloating, gas and digestion issues this could be the cause. When we’re unhappy in our brains the rest of our body is affected often without us even realising.

Another connection to gut health and digestion is your teeth’s bite. If your bite is not correctly aligned it could result in food not properly being digested before it’s eaten. When we chew our food special signals are sent to give out acids that will break the food down. If this isn’t done it could result in food reaching the digestive system without being digested properly, again resulting in bloating and break down issues. If you have struggled with digestive issues then speak to our dentist in Richmond about any concerns you have.

Teeth and headaches

Migraines and jaw ache have long been symptoms of poor tooth alignment - when teeth aren’t correctly aligned we tend to grind and bite down on our teeth. This over time causes tension and headaches, an issue easily corrected with braces. If you think this could be a problem for you please contact our team at the practice.


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