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How Often Should I See The Dentist?

Did you know that it’s been reported that 1 out every 5 adults in the UK doesn’t see their dentist Richmond at least once every 2 years? Pretty shocking stuff when you take into account the only way to make sure you are maintaining good oral health is through a proper checkup by your dentist Richmond. So, why are so few people following the guidelines on dentistry care and could you be causing yourself more financial burden long-term by not going regularly? Let’s take a look.

When Should You Be Seeing The Dentist?

Lots of people are told to follow the twice yearly approach to dental check ups and though for some patients this is adequate it’s not a universal rule for all. We at Sheen Dental believe that every patient is unique and should therefore be following a unique routine when it comes to their oral health.

How often you should visit us at the practice very much comes down to the health of your teeth and yes if you’ve been to see us and had the all clear it’s likely we won’t need to see you again for six months, unless you begin to show signs of declining oral health.

If however you’ve been for a check up and there’s signs of decay, gum disease, or weak teeth it's highly likely we will be booking you in for further treatment appointments with your dentist Richmond, and asking you to come back much sooner for a progress check up within the coming weeks.

Those We’d Like To See More Of

Naturally as with most things there are some patients we would like to see more regularly. There are groups of people who naturally come with a higher risk of oral health problems and so making sure we’re seeing those people regularly is actually really important.

People within the higher oral health risk group are: people with diabetes, people with weak immune systems, people with gum disease, smokers, pregnant people and those who are at more risk to decay and plaque build up (this is usually linked to the alignment of their teeth).

Why We Believe Regular Appointments Are More Cost Effective

With the cost of living rising and all of us living in a time of uncertainty we want to support our patients in any way that we can. We at Sheen Dental believe in ‘prevention is better than cure’ and when it comes to dentistry this mindset also benefits your coin pocket. Through attending regular check ups we will be able to spot any issues very early and as such will be able in most cases to offer quick, affordable solutions. It’s when dental problems such as gum disease are left that they then worsen and become more complex and therefore more expensive to address and in some cases become life long issues that need to be attended to for the rest of your life.

So, if you haven’t been to see us in the last two months please book your next check up today, we’re really looking forward to welcoming you back to the practice.


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