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How Does An Overbite Affect Dental Implants?

Medically known as a ‘malocclusion’ an overbite is a surprisingly common dental condition where a misalignment of the jaw causes the top row of teeth to protrude further than the bottom row. In the majority of cases it isn’t particularly noticeable, however when the condition is more severe, it can cause aesthetic issues as well as possible speech problems and jaw pain. At Sheen Dental we see many people with overbite problems, some of whom may be considering dental implants in Richmond. With this in mind, how does an overbite effect dental implants?

In truth the answer is that it depends on the severity of the overbite. In the majority of cases an overbite shouldn’t necessarily stop a person from having dental implants, however the process may need careful and sufficient pre-operative planning to avoid improper placement and ultimately implant failure.

So why is this?

Implants by their very nature are designed to be strong. The osseointegration (fusion) process ensures that when the implant is fastened into the jaw bone then overtime bone tissue merges with the titanium implant to produce a super-strong platform upon which the prosthetic tooth sits. The problem is that implants are only designed to take downwards pressure placed on them along the vertical axis. If pressure is continually forced upon the implant laterally (from the sides) it can cause extensive damage to an implant over time. For this reason careful evaluation of a patient’s bite is needed.

Latest technology

Nowadays dentists leave nothing to chance and advances in technology ensure that clinics can place implants with pin-point accuracy. When it comes to a dental implant, in Richmond at Sheen Dental we make certain that our patients undergo a thorough bite evaluation. This includes a 3D simulation process involving a CT scan which produces a three-dimensional cross section of the jaw. This can then be used to make an exact replica of your bite. From this the dentist can determine whether a patient first needs any treatment to correct the overbite, or whether they are able to overcome this by accurately placing the implants to ensure that they take only vertical forces.

If you’re thinking of undergoing treatment for dental implants in Richmond and you have an overbite then it’s good to discuss it with the team before you commit. Here at Sheen Dental we offer our customers a no-obligation consultation whereby you can get all your questions answered. Why not contact us on 020 8876 5277 or visit our website at www.sheendental.co.uk and book yours today!








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