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How can a dental hygienist in Richmond support my oral health?

One of the least known facts about a dental hygienist in Richmond is the supportive role this type of dental professional plays in preventive oral care. Our hygienist in Richmond at Sheen Dental is trained in the prevention of gum and other types of periodontal diseases – poor oral conditions often are linked to early loss of teeth, deteriorating gum, bone quality, and teeth staining.

The problem with periodontal disease is that the signs can go unnoticed by patients and if suitable treatment is not sought from a dental practitioner as early as possible there can be devastating consequences to dental health, and even to the overall quality of life of a patient.

A large part of what a hygienist in Richmond is trained to do is coming to the rescue of teeth and gums. Optimal dental health is supported by healthy gums and teeth conditions and a hygienist works towards this aim by carrying out a specific set of treatments and procedures, as follows:

Assess the health quality of teeth and gums

A key focus area in a hygienist’s training is to identify red flags that point to potential or existing problems with oral structures such as gums and teeth. These red flags include the accumulation of plaque and tartar that erode the outer surface layer of teeth and create a haven for bad bacteria to thrive in cavities. The hygienist may recommend a scale and polish procedure that makes use of special dental tools and pastes to effectively remove the enamel-destroying build-up.

Treat bleeding gums

Inflamed gums are always a sign of concern and a patient should not delay in seeking professional dental care. Timely treatment from a hygienist will go a long way to not only preventing the condition from further deteriorating, but can also reverse the process.

Treat bad breath

Getting rid of bad breath can be difficult on your own. The bacteria responsible for causing bad breath thrive mainly beneath the gum line and getting to this level without knowing the correct method and without the proper instruments, can be more damaging to dental health which is why this should be left in the capable hands of our trained hygienist.

Brighten stained teeth

Stained or discoloured teeth can be frustrating to treat, not to mention risky if not supervised by a dental practitioner. Reliable teeth brightening treatments can only be carried out legally by a trained dental professional.

Instruct on best practice in-home care

Guidance on effective in-home oral care tips from a professional dental practitioner is often an eye-opener for patients. There are recommended ways to brush and floss teeth and then there are methods a dental professional will discourage. A hygienist can advise on which to use and which to avoid.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our patients with outstanding quality of dental care, the Sheen Dental clinic offers the services of a highly trained dental hygienist as a core part of our service menu. Schedule an appointment for a professional deep cleaning procedure or a consultation on what industry-recommended oral hygiene practices to implement at home.


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