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Hidden dental problems

There may be a time you may have hidden tartar or plaque on your teeth without even realising it. The occasional twinge of pain can get ignored as you go about your day thinking this doesn’t matter. However, those signs of decay can be treated by a hygienist. In Richmond, our dental clinic offers deep cleaning, called scaling and polishing, to help patients remove those hidden bits of plaque. This is more involved than a basic clean with your usual dentist.

Finding a hygienist

When you need more than a dentist, a hygienist in Richmond can be hard to find, since not all dentists have one. They are dental professionals with certain training that’s focused more on cleaning and removal of plaque and tartar, or calculus.

How can a hygienist help?

Our hygienist in Richmond can help you by providing deep cleans that focus on the removal of tartar and plaque build-up. Appointments tend to be longer, as it takes a while to remove the hard substances.

Removing plaque will help with preventing longer-term, more serious problems, such as tooth decay and periodontal disease. For some patients, regular appointments may be needed to ensure the teeth and gums remain plaque-free.

When you want to find a hygienist in Richmond, we can offer a straightforward service for you to sort out any dental issues.

What can I do?

Our hygienist will work with you to make you aware of areas in your mouth where plaque is more likely to build up. They can give you advice about ways of brushing, how to get in between teeth and how your diet can affect your dental care. Many people are aware of sweet and sugary foods and how regular consumption of these can harm their teeth. However, food with tough textures such as meat, potato skin and popcorn can also cause issues, as it can easily get stuck between teeth.

Over time, you can build a positive relationship with our hygienist in Richmond as a trusted professional to come to with any concerns without feeling awkward. This is coupled with regular and personalised dental cleaning to prevent long-term problems and keep your smile looking and feeling great.


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