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Help from our hygienist

You’re probably used to seeing your dentist once or twice a year for a check-up, but what about the hygienist? If you, like many people, aren’t aware of the importance of regular visits to our hygienist in Richmond, here is some information you may find interesting.

Our hygienist will help you combat gum disease

Gum disease is a tricky dental issue. It starts of mild and easy to treat, but at this stage the symptoms are easy to miss and it often goes undetected and untreated. Once it advances to periodontitis it is harder to treat, and can have much more serious effects. This can affect not only your gums, but also your jaw, leading to teeth becoming loose and in danger of falling out. But don’t be scared. There’s no need to fear gum disease if you have regular sessions with our friendly hygienist in Richmond.

Keep your breath fresh

Does the thought of having bad breath make you feel self-conscious? If so, it’s another reason to schedule a visit with our hygienist in Richmond. Our talented hygienists will give your teeth a good clean, removing any plaque and tartar that can contribute to bad breath. They will also check for signs of that nasty gum disease, which can be a cause of bad breath too.

Tips for keeping your mouth healthy

You may think you do a good job of cleaning your teeth every day, but you’d be surprised how many adults discover they haven’t been treating their teeth as well as they could. Our hygienist in Richmond can teach you all about the best practices for keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Everyone’s teeth and mouth are different, and certain products and techniques suit some people better than others.

Diet and habits

Our hygienist in Richmond can also talk to you about things like smoking cessation and dietary tips for keeping your teeth and mouth in tip top condition.

Special advice

If you have any features such as a crown, bridge, implant or braces, our hygienist in Richmond will help you out with some tips on the best ways to keep them clean and in good condition.


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