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Healthy teeth and gums

Visiting the dentist is an important part of looking after your health. As dental professionals, we use knowledge, technology, and experience to ensure your teeth and gums are given the care they need. At Sheen Dental, we provide the full range of treatments for people seeking a dentist in Richmond. Preventive care, routine procedures, and cosmetic work are all available in our contemporary dental practice. Our aim is to enhance your overall health by improving your dental wellbeing.

Dentist in Richmond

Why do people visit the dentist in Richmond?

Regular visits to a Richmond dentist will help to prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay. This is because we can examine your teeth and gums in detail, and spot the signs of disease before you’re able to notice them at home. It’s often the case that, by the time you’ve noticed something’s wrong, the condition has developed into a serious problem. By intervening at an early stage, we can preserve your oral health, improve your hygiene, and steer you away from uncomfortable and expensive problems.

We can make effective repairs to damaged teeth, and restore gum tissue after deterioration. If you have chipped or misshapen teeth, this can affect your oral hygiene, as well as your dental aesthetics. We all know that gaps in the smile have can have a big impact on how you feel about your appearance.

We can use veneers to repair chipped teeth. These thin segments of porcelain are securely bonded to your dental surfaces to restore your teeth’s natural outlines. If you’ve lost a tooth, we can replace it with fully-customised dentures and bridges. A dental implant will integrate with your jawbone to provide you with a stable and natural-feeling new tooth.

Long-term modifications

Many people come to the dentist in Richmond to improve the alignment of their teeth. Straighter teeth do their jobs more effectively, and tend to be more pleasing to the eye. Our lightweight, low-visibility braces and aligners will minimise potential embarrassment and discomfort while they enhance your dental positioning. It takes a while to make the necessary changes, but afterwards you’ll enjoy the benefits for many years.


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