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Have you seen your dentist recently?

Putting off going to see your dentist Richmond can result in more than just bad oral hygiene or tooth decay. It can prevent you from knowing about the variety of treatments that we have to offer at Sheen Dental that allow your smile to reach its full potential. If you are dissatisfied with your smile then arrange a consultation appointment to discover which treatments could benefit you.

Get your smile the way you want it

These days our dentist Richmond is able to offer you more than just a check-up and a professional clean. With a multitude of teeth straightening treatments, whitening options and ways to alter your smile, we want you to be able to customise your smile into one that you love. Having a smile you can show off proudly makes all the difference to how comfortable and confident you feel when in social situations, and it can be beneficial to your overall health as well.

Straightening treatments can move your teeth into more aligned positions, closing gaps or moving teeth so they no longer overlap. Overlapping teeth can cause problems when it comes to plaque build-up, as depending on the positioning of your teeth you may not be able to reach certain areas, making cleaning your teeth thoroughly a more difficult task than it should be.

An appointment with one of our hygienists at Sheen Dental could help you maintain a higher level of oral hygiene. After having a professional clean you can be reassured that your chances of gum disease are lowered, as you will have had all of the hardened plaque and tartar that is around your teeth and gums removed to prevent it from resulting in further damage. A build-up of these substances can eventually result in tooth loss, so it is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly.

Don’t let missing teeth stress you out

For some people it is too late to save their teeth with a trip to the hygienist, but if the worst should happen and you lose a tooth it does not mean that you will never smile again. Our dentist Richmond offers dental implant treatment, a way to replace your teeth whether you are missing just the one or a whole set. This is the only tooth replacement option that continues to support your jawbone after you have lost your teeth, keeping it stimulated through the use of small titanium screws that are placed into it to mimic the roots of your teeth. Appliances such as crowns, bridges and full or partial dentures are then attached to these screws. These are the parts that are designed to look exactly like your original teeth, matched to their shade and made from porcelain material to feel like your original teeth too. If you are having one tooth replaced then a single screw will be used to support a crown, whilst multiple screws will be used to support bridges and dentures. Whilst one screw is required to replace a single tooth you will not necessarily need to have one screw per tooth when replacing multiple teeth, as one screw is capable of supporting multiple teeth. When replacing a full set of teeth you can require anything between four and twelve screws, but this is something that your practitioner will discuss with you.


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