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Gold standard of the dental hygienist

Achieving your best simply can't be done without having optimal oral health. Our hygienist Richmond is here to help you on your way to being the best you can be!

Overcoming periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is more commonly known as gum disease or gingivitis, as it is a chronic infection of usually commensal bacteria infiltrating the gum tissue, making it inflamed. It slowly extends deeper into the gum; the early stages are like a form of severe gingivitis, but the late stages result in gum recession and eventually tooth loss.

Even if periodontal disease is not severe enough to damage teeth suddenly, it will obstruct eating with sensitive spongy gums that will respond badly to hot and cold stimuli, as well as causing unpleasantly scented breath. There is no overnight solution to gum disease. First it must be stabilised and further progression of the disease stopped, then slowly pushed back through diligent oral hygiene, the use of high fluoride products and chlorhexidine based mouthwashes.

Our hygienist Richmond supports patients through their recovery taking detailed charting of pocket depth and gum recession. Using that information, they promote the best course of action to resolution. Noting when recession has crossed a point of no return, where gum tissue transplant may be needed and helping patients with the risk factors, like smoking cessation, managing diabetes or more minor things like daily stress or cleaning difficulties caused by misaligned teeth.

Scale and polish

The standard scale and polish allows fully calcified tartar to be removed from the teeth; this can be very challenging if not impossible to do at home without damaging the underlying enamel.

This tartar is also a jumping off point for bacteria to invade the gum, so keeping it under control is an important preventive measure.

After the scale part, the tartar removal is finished and the polishing part can commence! A dental buffing wheel is used to create a very smooth lustre to the surface of the enamel, reducing the ability for bacteria to find a crevice in which to establish themselves.

Fluoride sealants and varnish

Fluoride sealants and varnishing procedures are preventive treatments designed to create protective layers over the teeth or eliminate small cracks and chips that can be the starting point for cavities. Fluoride films are particularly useful for younger patients who are just getting permanent adult teeth. Soon after they erupt, they begin to mineralise and a good source of fluoride provided at this critical juncture can result in a much stronger and more robust enamel for the entire lifespan of the tooth, a fluoride sealant provides high concentration of fluoride on the surface of the tooth from where it can diffuse into the tooth and become incorporated into the developing calcium structures.

Most types of varnish or sealant can be applied at your biannual check-ups if needed. This is often done by our hygienist Richmond, allowing our dentist to focus on more intensive procedures, whilst giving greater booking freedom to our patients. If you have any further questions about how we could help you please feel free to get in contact.


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