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Giving up smoking with the help of our hygienist

There are fewer things more harmful to your teeth than smoking, which can leave stains on your teeth and cause them severe decay, as well as cause your gums to recede which can lead to the roots of your teeth being exposed and damaged. If you have been smoking for a number of years then you will know how addictive this habit is and how difficult it can be to give up smoking. In fact, a large number of ex-smokers admit to having failed more than once before making the attempt to quit which led to them finally breaking the habit they thought had a grip of them.

One of the main things you may want when you are trying to give up smoking is some professional help and support that may make you feel more confident in your aim to finally break a habit that you no longer wish to have in your life. Knowing where to turn in order to gain the support you may feel you need is very important when first deciding to give up smoking. Many people would not expect smoking cessation services and support to be offered through a dental practice, but this may be the ideal place for you to access the help you require.

At Sheen Dental, our hygienist Richmond will be able to support you in your ambition to achieve a life free from smoking by offering you some treatments that aim to help your body cope with any nicotine withdrawals and offering you their support in the hope of encouraging you to achieve your goal. You should know that if you want to give up smoking then one of the most important things you will need is confidence in yourself, keep telling yourself you can do this as long as you have access to the professional support you may need.

Services and support

Our hygienist Richmond has been helping people to give up smoking for a number of years and is confident that they will be able to help you by offering guidance and support that will take you through the process. If you feel you would benefit from some form of nicotine substitute in order to help your body cope with the change of giving up smoking, then patches or gum can be prescribed for you that may help.

Keep in mind the benefits that you will gain for yourself by giving up smoking, as this may help you stay positive. Once you have given up smoking you should find that your breathing starts to improve, this will allow you to get more air into your lungs and oxygen into your body.

You may also find that your taste buds recover quite quickly after you successfully give up smoking, making the food you eat more enjoyable as you will be able to taste the full flavours that you are consuming.

Finally, we should always keep in mind the amount of money that can be saved by not having to buy a packet of cigarettes every day. This is money that we are certain you will be able to find a better use for.

Start today

If you are considering giving up smoking and feel you would benefit from the input of our hygienist Richmond then contact our practice to find out about the details of how they can help you.


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