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Give your smile the gift of a brighter future

When it comes down to it, we all want to look our best. Being unhappy with the appearance of your smile can mean you feel awkward communicating with others. Having crooked teeth can be debilitating. Aside from the physical problems that can be associated with wonky teeth, there are the visual implications and the effect that can have on your self-esteem and self-image.

Corrective treatments for wonky teeth are traditionally uncomfortable and ugly to say the least. However, nowadays, corrective treatment can in fact be almost invisible. Let us here at Sheen Dental introduce you to Invisalign in SW14. Straightening your teeth can actually be a simple and discreet process. The unique custom-made, clear aligner system of Invisalign means you can keep your teeth looking good while you have treatment, as well as afterwards. Its a brighter future for your smile.

Invisalign in SW14

How do the aligners work?

The process of Invisalign in SW14 involves a series of aligners. You will gradually progress from one set of aligners to the next as your teeth take on their new shape. Invisalign aligners are carefully created from the shape of your own teeth. Once in, they comfortably apply strategically placed pressure just to those teeth that need to be moved.

The aligners themselves are 3D-printed from detailed digital scans of your teeth. pressure points in the aligners gently shift your teeth a small amount at a time. Each aligner set will last you around 10 days. Over this time, pressure will gradually become less and less, eventually wearing off completely. This is when it’s time to move on to your next set of aligners with it’s new pressure points.

The number of aligners you will need is dependent on the severity of your misalignment. On average, treatment takes around a year. After this, you will need to wear a retainer for some time to keep your teeth in their new place. For patients in SW14, Invisalign is proving to be a great solution for avoiding the embarrassment of wearing unattractive metal braces. Wondering if Invisalign is for you? Give us a call to arrange a consultation. Invisalign in Richmond could be just the the treatment you need to give your smile a brighter future.


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