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Getting Over Your Dental Fear with Conscious Sedation

When it comes to neglected dental health one of the leading factors or causes is dental fear. Whilst the majority of us experience at least a tinge of anguish at the thought of a visit to our local dental clinic, for many others it’s a real problem. In fact the very thought of stepping foot inside a clinic is enough to prevent some people from visiting altogether. For those who do brave a visit it’s often problematic enough having to go through a simple routine check-up or filling, but what if that visits was for a dental implant? In Richmond and indeed many other areas and clinics across the country, many dentists now offer a solution to help anxious patients in the form of conscious sedation.

Dental Implants Richmond

So what exactly is it?

As the name suggests conscious sedation is a means by which a patient can remain conscious but completely relaxed during a procedure. The sedative can either be delivered intravenously, and is carefully monitored by a highly qualified anaesthesiologist, or by inhalation in the form of nitrous oxide. Both are completely harmless and have a calming and relaxing effect on the patient almost to the point of them feeling care-free. Conscious sedation is a perfect solution for instances such as dental implants where the patient is undergoing an extensive treatment, but in cases where the patient is anxious in the extreme, it can also be used for simple fillings and even a dental clean.

So what does conscious sedation mean for the patient?

Well in a nutshell…pain free dentistry! And not only this, conscious sedation is quick to take effect and quick to leave the body, ,meaning that the patient won’t feel any physical after-effects such as sickness and long term drowsiness as they may with other forms of anaesthetic. In the case of nitrous oxide (other wise known as laughing gas) patients can begin to feel normal again within 15 minutes. If taken intravenously, this may take a while longer.

So why not have a general anaesthetic instead?

Whether you are having treatment for dental implants in Richmond, or an equally extensive surgical process in Harley Street, the dentist will need you to listen and respond to them as they may have some instructions or questions for you during the process. Clearly if you have a general anaesthetic then you are (to all intent and purpose) ‘out for the count’. This is going to make it harder for the dentist to perform a procedure with a non-responsive patient. When under conscious sedation you’ll feel calm and relaxed, but awake and responsive. That’s the difference.

If you have a fear of the dentist and need treatment for a simple filling or a dental implant in Richmond, then don’t let anxiety and panic put you off. Instead talk to us about conscious sedation and how we can help. Visit our website at or contact us on 020 8876 5277 and we’ll talk you through the process.


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