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Five Advantages To Having Dental Implants

If you’re suffering with missing or broken teeth and are considering dental implants in Richmond then it’s important to know that you’ve made a well informed decision. In order to help you, here are five advantages that dental implants have over their counterparts.

Natural looking

Dental Implants Richmond

Dental implants are considered by many to be the most natural looking form of tooth replacement that modern dentistry has. They look, feel, and to a certain extent act just as your normal teeth would. They’re also secured directly into the jaw bone, so there’s no need for any dental fixatives or support from other surrounding teeth. A a result they become self -supporting and incredibly strong to boot. Because implants are so life-like after final fitting it can be difficult for any lay person to distinguish the difference between replacement and real teeth.

Easy maintenance

Although it’s incredibly important from a longevity perspective that dental implants are well maintained, it is a relatively easy process. Simple regular brushing and flossing is all it takes. When you compare this to the routine of having to take dentures out at night and sterilising them to make sure they’re free from bacteria, suddenly dental implants seem the perfect, hassle-free option.

Long lasting

Perhaps the biggest advantage that a dental implant in Richmond has over a denture is that if cared for it will last for many years. In fact the very first implant was placed in 1965 and it remained in place and fully functioning right up until the patient’s death in 2006. Conversely, dentures only have a lifespan of somewhere between 5-10 years and during this time they have to be continually adjusted to match the changing shape of the jaw.

Great investment

Although the initial cost of implants may seem expensive, when you consider that given the right amount of care they’ll last somewhere between 3-5 times the length of other forms of teeth replacement, then implants represent good value for money. When you also take into consideration the fact that once fitted they really are a hassle-free alternative, then it’s easy to see how they become a great investment.

They can improve your overall health

Having a good set of teeth means that you’re fully back in control of your dietary intake. No longer will healthy foods such as hard fruits, raw vegetables, lean meat, nuts and pulses be off the menu. Instead you can feel safe in the knowledge that you can eat and chew foods without fear of damaging your teeth or causing any kind of embarrassment in the form of loose dentures.

If you want to know more about how a dental implant in Richmond can change your life for the better, then contact Sheen Dental. We’ve been successfully placing implants in patients for many years and as a result we know first hand the true happiness that they can bring. Why not contact us for a free consultation, or alternatively check out our website at where you’ll find a multitude of useful information.


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