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Exploring New Dental Implant Technology And What The Future Holds

If you’re considering dental implants in Richmond you’ll be buying into a tried and tested process that’s been successfully honed over a period of fifty years. Currently in the UK over 10,000 dental implants are fitted each and every year and with a success rate of over 90% that figure is set to rise. However, implant innovators aren’t resting on their laurels and even as we speak new advancements in technology are continually being explored. With this in mind let’s take a look at recent advancements in technology as well as a gaze into the future of dental implants.

Design and coating technology improvements

Dental Implants Richmond

In the past decade of so new types of implant design such as acid etching and sand blasting have made it very easy for bone tissue to assimilate with the titanium implant in a process that’s so vital to its success. They offer maximum primary contact and easy stress-free integration. One of the latest innovations involves coating the implant in synthetic bone material which is said to attract the natural bone tissue further. Early signs are looking promising although it’s still in the testing stages.

CBVT technology

Although 3D scanning has been around for some time, CBVT (Cone Beam Volumetric Technology)  allows for a detailed scan to be performed with the patient in the sitting position. This gives the dentist a clear and precise view of where the implant should be placed and takes 99% of the guess work out of implant placement. This is particularly important when fitting a dental implant near a nerve or sinus area.

Screw-less dental implants

Although dental implants that screw down into the jaw bone have been used for many years with great success, screw-less dental implants are now being tried in single tooth replacement cases. The technique offers a clipping mechanism which is said to help bond the material of the crown to the abutment thus negating the need for cement which can in small cases be problematic.

What’s the future hold?

Although it’s hard to predict where the future of dental implants is going to go, recent tests carried out by the Medical Centre Of Columbia University in the USA has proved positive in successfully growing a fully formed tooth using stem cells. The technology as you’d expect is in its very early stages but scientists are hoping at some point in the future they can grow a new tooth from scratch in the mouth. This is an exciting discovery and if it’s successful will take dental implants into a completely new direction.

Here at Sheen Dental we’ve been successfully placing dental implants in Richmond for many years and as such, use the latest technologies available to ensure the best possible outcome for all our patients. If you want to find out more about how we can help you then contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. Alternatively, why not check out our website at


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