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Excellence and longevity; our dentist at Sheen Dental

With more than 100 years operating as a dentist Richmond,

Dental has a track record of solid dependable care. How have we achieved this quality for so long?

We've built our practice on being a relaxed, calm family-focused dentist Richmond, serving multiple generations of the wonderful community of Richmond. We were one of the first surgeries to focus on people's need for calm, open, relaxed dental services. Pairing clinical excellence with an impeccable chairside manner allows our patients to direct their own care rather than being admonished or spoken down to.

Consistently maintaining this standard is challenging and we credit our success to the core values that our clinic has adhered to and will continue to adhere to, through whatever challenges the future may hold for our dentist Richmond.


Enthusiasm or the lack of it is infectious. We ensure our entire team is enthusiastic about the work we do and this enthusiasm often transfers to our patients. Resulting in the most productive and pleasant environment.


We understand and see each patient as an individual who requires personalised care. And our approach to their care is highly dependent on their needs.


We deal with all of our patients in an open and honest way, standing by our statements and never intending to mislead or over-sell any of our products or services.


It is always our intention to improve the service we provide and this duty for our team to strive and progress never ends. Our staff continually engage and develop their training in order to learn new skills, as well as investing in the adoption of new technologies and dental techniques.


We genuinely enjoy what we do in the clinic, how it improves the lives of our patients and working with our excellent colleagues. As it is only through this that we can offer the best possible experience.


Politeness is not optional. Either between our staff or between our staff and patients. This is something that we take very seriously in maintaining a calm and pleasant atmosphere.


Each team member is fully accountable and responsible for their own actions. This goes both ways; not only to their credit when offering excellent service, but also to their detriment if standards are not met.


We ensure that each member of staff is passionate about working with us and for you as part of our pre-recruitment screening process.

Over the years, the treatments we offer have changed. There were certainly fewer dental implants and cosmetic procedures performed in the early days of our clinic and the mechanical pedal drill has given way to the electric drill. But our guiding principles have served us well and we expect that they will continue to do so for another century.

Luckily for you, we are currently accepting new patient applications. If you are interested in joining our patient list, please feel free to get in contact. You can do this by phone or email. We also have contact forms on our website if you would prefer.


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