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Dos and don’ts of facial aesthetics from our dentist

Our dentist Richmond is established as a pillar of the community and is now a champion for cosmetic procedures performed responsibly and competently. Let's talk more about some of the procedures we showcase.

You probably don't think that your local dentist would be an obvious source of facial aesthetics treatments, but with our excellent blend of professional medical training and steeped in a vocation that in practice combines artistry with function, we are an excellent provider of cosmetic procedures. And unlike a beauty parlour or independent salon, our staff are fully qualified in accredited courses with solid, verifiable medical backgrounds.

Botox treatments

Botox treatments have come a long way since their first debut in the 1980s. We use them in a rejuvenative way in our clinic in order to resolve issues with wrinkles, rather than to create an artificial or glamourous look. The tightening effect of Botox can be easily overdone, as the total effects of treatment are not obvious until several days afterwards. This can result in patients being initially underwhelmed by the results and many less experienced providers over treating patients and not realising the full consequences until several days afterwards.

Botox injections are extremely minor; the needle is very fine and the volume of material injected is very small, often unnoticeable. For nervous patients we would usually apply a topical numbing agent at our dentist Richmond.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers do not have an active ingredient in the traditional sense; they quite literally are a passive filling material which once established under the skin, will slowly dissolve over 4 to 6 months. With many patients choosing to refresh their fillers at our dentist Richmond after 4 months, these top up and initial appointments are usually quite short and can easily be booked into a lunch break or otherwise fit around a busy schedule.

A wide range of techniques are required to use dermal fillers effectively, some involve different styles of injection and some involve shaping the newly injected filler while it is still mobile under the skin, by pressing on and around it, referred to as filler sculpting. This allows for some very natural looking treatments and an efficient use of filler, reducing treatment times and increasing cost-effectiveness. Just be sure to not attempt to move the fillers yourself and stay out of sunlight or tanning beds for 24 hours post-injection to prevent the fillers from moving.

Contraindicated patients

When used professionally, both the toxin in Botox and the hyaluronic acid of dermal fillers are extremely safe and well tolerated by almost all patients, with allergies being extremely rare. We would not recommend Botox treatments on someone who is currently pregnant or breastfeeding and as of 2020, both Botox and lip fillers are not permitted for cosmetic use on those below the age of 18.

If you or your family members are interested in how cosmetic procedures could help you, please feel free to get in contact with the clinic. We are currently operating as normal within government guidelines. If you contact us outside our operating hours, we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


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