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Do you need Invisalign in Richmond?

When people are looking to get their teeth straightened, one thing most of them want from their treatment is not to feel embarrassed or self-conscious while they are undergoing alignment.

This is especially true for teenagers, who are already self-conscious enough just going through adolescence, and also for adults who work with the public or are in positions of authority. If that traffic warden who just put a ticket on your car was wearing braces, would you feel inclined to take them seriously? Probably not, but you would if they were wearing Invisalign in Richmond, mostly because you would not be able to see they had straighteners on their teeth.

Invisalign in Richmond

Does Invisalign from us at Sheen Dental Care sound like it might be right for you too? Here’s what has made them the right choice for more than 4 million people since they came on the market just over 20 years ago:


This is the big selling point for Invisalign in Richmond. These are very thin, see-through, plastic mouth guards that have built-in pressure points that press the teeth into alignment ever so gently.

You receive a series of aligners and wear them from aligner number one right through to the last one. How many you will need depends on how misaligned your teeth are. Generally speaking, you will wear each aligner for 7-10 days. It will start off feeling odd as the aligners press on your teeth, but as the days go by, the pressure will ease. Once it’s worn off, it’s time to move onto the next aligner in the series.


Invisalign aligners snap on over your teeth, and you snap them off and out of your mouth for meals and snacks, and drinks other than plain water. This means that you can continue to eat whatever takes your fancy without worrying about whether it will damage or get caught in your aligners. You easily clean your teeth too, before putting your aligners back in.

Treatments take about a year on average and are finished off by wearing a retainer to hold your teeth in the right positions while the jawbone settles down around them.


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