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Do I need a hygienist?

You may require a Hygienist in Richmond and we can provide trained dentists to help you maintain an extra level of oral health. A hygienist could be a good service for you to consider if you think that you could benefit from the support of maintaining a clean and healthy mouth, everyone should be able to have confidence in their smile and this treatment could allow you to smile with confidence again. This could help prevent issues with the mouth such as gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. These issues could lead to other issues such as bad breath, the early loss of your teeth and staining. therefore a hygienist can assist you in keeping your teeth clean and healthy. These diseases are often painless and therefore will often go unnoticed but that doesn't mean that they can’t cause issues for the teeth further down the line. This is why seeing a hygienist could be a good idea. Our hygienists will support you by treating periodontal disease and also giving you advice on stopping smoking if that is a habit that you currently have. This article will run through how this process works as well as why you may want to consider this service.

How does this treatment work?

​If you decide that a Hygienist in Richmond could be the right fit for you then you can be assured that the process will be thorough and professionally addressed. The hygienist will remove any plaque that has built up on the teeth and below the gum area. The teeth will also be polished to ensure that they are as clean as possible. The hygienist will determine the amount of plaque that should be removed so they can assist in the best way possible. Your teeth will be cleaned using specialist equipment and paste to scale and polish the teeth. Your hygienist will also discuss with you how to best look after your teeth so they remain plaque-free in the future. They will demonstrate and advise the best brushing technique and give you tips on how to floss and use interdental brushes in order to best clean your teeth.

Why should I consider this treatment?

If you decide that a Hygienist in Richmond could be the right move for you then you could benefit from a number of different things as a result of your treatment. The use of a hygienist could help you minimise the risk of tooth loss to help you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. You can also reduce the risk that you might develop tooth decay and therefore reduce the need for fillings. By using this service you can also have the added benefit of fresh minty breath. If you think that this service could be for you then you should consider getting in touch with the practice to move forward with the cleanliness of your mouth. Everyone should have access to the treatments that they need and everyone should have access to the best advice and cleaning equipment to ensure that their teeth are as healthy as possible.


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