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Do Dental Implants Require Any Special Care?

If you’re thinking about getting a dental implant in Richmond or elsewhere in the country, then before you start making plans, you may be wondering whether they need any special care and whether this will fit into your daily routine.

Dental Implants Richmond

When you choose dental implants to replace missing teeth, then you’re getting a lifelike replacement tooth which can last for decades and offers numerous benefits. However in order to get the maximum lifespan of your implants you need to start caring for them properly from the moment you undergo the surgery to have them placed.

When you have a dental implant it’s success depends not just on the skill of the surgeon but on you working with your surgeon and hygienist to ensure that you maintain a high level of oral hygiene. It’s very important to ask for a list of post-operative instructions which will help reduce the risk of infection or complications arising which could cause your implant to fail. For example, it’s important to stick to eating soft foods for the first few weeks following surgery, and give up smoking, at least until your implants have fully healed. Generally speaking most patients find their dental implants are easy to care for and in fact, hassle-free maintenance is another of their many benefits.

When an implant is placed is fuses with the surrounding bone to form a stand-alone structure that does not require the support of adjoining teeth. This particular aspect of dental implants means that caring for them is carried out in the same way as you would your natural teeth.

You’ll be brushing and flossing your dental implant in the same way as you do your real teeth. Doing this is even more important after the placement of an implant since it helps to minimise the level of oral bacteria which can damage the gum tissue and bone, which could have serious implications for your implant.

Similarly it’s important to visit your dentist every six months for a check up and a professional clean. Be sure to let your dentist and hygienist know that you have a dental implant since the cleaning techniques and tools used may need to be altered.

While dental implants only require minimum alterations to your daily oral hygiene routine do use your common sense to avoid putting your implants at risk. Avoid chewing on hard items like ice or chewing on pencil tops. If you’re still keen to go ahead with dental implants in Richmond, then give Sheen Dental a call to book a dental implant consultation at no cost to yourself. Alternatively, you can book online at Dr. Harmit Kalsi and his team are standing by to meet you.


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