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Discover a different sort of dentist in Richmond

Patients come first

Here at Sheen Dental, we are not your typical dental practice. Where other, innumerable practices across the Richmond area may simply adopt the one-size-fits-all approach to conventional dentistry - whereby a patient is but one in a chain-link of virtually indistinguishable cases, we at Sheen Dental pride ourselves on putting the unique needs and requirements of each of our patients at the forefront of everything we do. Whether it is the most complex of procedures, or just a simple dental check-up, we are a dentist in Richmond who understands that no two patients are the same, and as such we offer a tailored, unique dental experience which is moulded around the individual needs of each of our patients.

Cosmetic smile enhancement

Here at Sheen Dental, we understand the degrees of social pressure and stress which can arise from having teeth which are stained, discoloured or misaligned. In today's ever socially conscious and constantly documented world, there is a larger increased focus on having a healthy, straight and beautiful smile than ever before. As such, an increasing percentage of people across the Richmond area are seeking out cosmetic dentistry solutions to achieve straighter, more cohesive and aesthetically pleasing smiles. One such treatment which is vastly popular, and is offered here at Sheen Dental, is teeth whitening. This is a cosmetic treatment which aims to brighten and whiten a patient's teeth, and eradicate any superficial stains or discolouration. Certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking red wine, black coffee or tea, and taking certain medications can sometimes lead to a patient's teeth become stained or yellowed. Poor dietary habits, and neglect can also lead to teeth becoming stained or discoloured. Teeth whitening treatment however, can eradicate years of superficial damage to a patient's teeth, and leave them with a renewed smile and sense of self-esteem. The process of cosmetic tooth whitening works by the use of a peroxide-based whitening gel, which is applied directly to the patient's teeth, inside a custom built retainer. When the retainer is worn, the peroxide bleaching gel begins to work almost immediately, bleaching the patient's teeth, and providing them with a healthier, whiter looking smile which will keep them smiling like a star, for a considerable amount of time.

Filling in the gaps

Another cosmetic dentistry option which we provide here at Sheen Dental, which is vastly popular across all age demographics, is the installation of white fillings. These are installed in instances where a patient's tooth has become mildly rotten, and requires to be cleaned and filled. After the dentist has removed all of the decay from a patient's tooth, it will then be filled with a white dental filling. This is similar to conventional, silver amalgam fillings, however it is specifically colour matched so that it blends perfectly with the patient's surrounding teeth. White fillings can often provide a massive boost in the self-confidence of those who seek them. This is because with white fillings, their fillings are practically invisible and undetectable unlike conventional silver fillings, which, although they provide a vital service, are often criticised for being negatively impactful on patient's outward appearance.


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