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Dental problems and how our dentist can solve them

Many people do not have a naturally perfect smile. As a dentist in Richmond, we appreciate how having issues with the smile can have a serious impact on self-confidence. Here at Sheen Dental, we offer solutions for every dental issue, so that our patients can get the smile they have always wanted. This guide explores some common problems and the treatments we can offer to resolve them.

Stained and yellow teeth

Teeth whitening has become a big business, with a multitude of retailers offering products that claim to alter the shade of teeth both online and in shops. However, these types of products are rarely very efficient, and some can even cause damage to the teeth. This often occurs because the enamel has been worn away by products that are not safe to use. Once this happens, the teeth become very vulnerable and can become broken, chipped and much more sensitive.

Anyone who is experiencing staining and yellowing of the teeth should contact our dentist in Richmond for an assessment. We can check that the patient is suitable for teeth whitening, and most people are, thankfully. We then record the shape and the position of the teeth. This allows us to create bespoke trays that fit the individual patient exactly, making them comfortable and easy to wear.

The trays are given to the patient along with a whitening gel to be used at home. The gel is applied to the trays, and these are worn over the teeth during sleep for a couple of weeks. After this time, the patient should then have bright, white teeth that they are proud of.

Stained teeth that are also misshapen

If staining is especially bad and difficult to shift, and the patient also has misshapen teeth that they are unhappy with, then they should talk to our dentist Richmond about getting veneers. Veneers are a means of transforming the smile that delivers instant results. They are basically a way to cover the teeth with wafer thin pieces of porcelain, making the teeth look white and much more attractive cosmetically.

Misaligned teeth

Some people mistakenly believe that if they did not have the opportunity to have their teeth straightened in their youth, then they have missed their chance. Thankfully, this is not the case, and people of all ages now reap the benefits of having the straight teeth that they have always wanted. There is lots of choice available when it comes to correcting the position of the teeth, from traditional braces to invisible ones, and a few other varieties in between.

Many people who are getting their teeth straightened later in life opt for invisible braces. This is because they do not wish others to know about their treatment, and they do not want to have to make big lifestyle changes such as altering their diet. They also want results fast, as they have busy lives that they need to get on with. Invisible braces usually involve a minimum of dental appointments, so they are convenient in that sense too.


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