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Dental Implants Vs Dentures

Traditionally when you have lost teeth either through an accident or through decay, the only alternative would have been dentures or a bridge, but nowadays more and more people are turning to the alternative which is dental implants. In Richmond there are clinics such as Sheen Dental which have been carrying out this procedure for many years with great success. But what are the advantages of dental implants and how do they compare to dentures?

Dental implants are the modern day alternative to dentures and even though dentures themselves have progressed a long way and are a little more comfortable thanks to the use of modern plastics, people still complain of some pain when wearing them, particularly if they have a full set of lower dentures.


Although modern technology enables a pretty accurate set of dentures to be made to fit a patient’s mouth, there is still the problem of slippage and discomfort. This means the use of dental adhesive which can leave a nasty taste in the mouth and also limits a patient to the type of food they can comfortably eat. For instance biting into a crisp apple is definitely not possible wearing dentures and chewing a steak can take forever. Sometimes people struggle to speak clearly when wearing dentures and suffer from a lisp. Although this may seem endearing in a child, when you’re adult it can be quite embarrassing. However, possibly the worst thing about dentures is the fact that they need to be removed to clean them thoroughly and the thought of leaving them to soak in a glass of steradent over night can be quite depressing, especially if you are in a relationship! On the plus side, dentures are less expensive than dental implants and only take a matter of a week or so to be made and fitted.

Dental Implants

So this leads us to dental implants and their benefits and downsides. Naturally the first consideration is cost. Whether you have a dental implant in Richmond or anywhere in the UK, the cost is high when compared to dentures. On average you can be talking of anywhere between £800 to £2000 per implant. However, if cared for properly a dental implant could last for the rest of your life whereas dentures are likely to need replacing after about 10-15 years. Fortunately most dental surgeries offer payment plans which allow you to pay for your teeth in instalments, much as if you were buying a new car.

In addition the dental implant procedure is quite lengthy and can take up to 9 months in total, much of which is time spent waiting for your gums to heal. It also requires numerous visits to the dentist to check that each procedure is going to plan. Finally there is surgery to be considered which will involve an anaesthetic.

The most obvious benefit of dental implants is that they are a permanent replacement for missing teeth and not only look natural but feel just like your real teeth. In other words you clean them in the same way with brushing and flossing and you can eat all of your favourite foods including crispy apples.

So now you know the advantages and disadvantages you can choose which you would prefer to have.

For more information on dental implants in Richmond contact Sheen Dental on 020 8876 5277 and book a complimentary consultation or visit the website at www.sheendental.co.uk. Having been established for over one hundred years, they’re a clinic you can trust.








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