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Dental Implants – The Important Role They Play In Your Oral Health

If you’re considering opting for dental implants in Richmond, then you’ll already know that they’re by far the most technologically advanced form of tooth replacement that modern dentistry has. As such, they’re also the most lifelike and natural looking. However what you may not know is they also play an important role in your overall oral health.

Improved cleanliness

Dental Implants Richmond

When a person suffers missing teeth or is a long term denture wearer it’s very easy for food particles and debris to become lodged in the recesses of either the underside of the dentures or in the gap where the teeth once were. These can be very difficult to remove and sometimes require specialist dental cleaning. On the contrary, when dental implants are placed they’re anchored firmly into the jawbone. As such they become stand-alone teeth in their own right and because of this, it makes it harder for food particles to become trapped.  All of this leads to improved oral cleanliness and makes for a much healthier mouth.

Halts bone resorption

When you experience missing teeth the one thing that’s guaranteed to occur is bone resorption. This is where bone tissue that once supported the tooth root is no longer stimulated and as a result starts to waste away. Unfortunately dentures or bridges don’t halt this process and this is why dentures have to be continually adjusted in order to match the shape of your changing facial structure. Conversely a dental implant acts very much like a tooth root as it’s anchored firmly into the jaw line. As such, the titanium composite has a stimulating effect on the bone tissue and causes it to regrow around the implant. Not only does this process halt the resorption process once and for all, but also creates a super-strong platform upon which to attach the crown.

Eliminates gum irritation and poor food choices

There are many problems associated with dentures especially when they become loose. These include gum irritation (as the problematic denture starts to rub on the gum) and the inability to eat what you like, often leading to poor food choices. For those that have undergone a dental implant in Richmond, these problems disappear overnight. As the implants are permanent fixtures there’s no more painful rubbing and because they’re incredibly strong, you no longer have to pick your way round a menu to make sure that your teeth can handle the food being put into your mouth. In other words you can eat what you like and that means that opportunity to handle healthier food choices.

If you want to find out more about how dental implants in Richmond can improve the way you look, feel and even act then contact Sheen Dental. Our highly experienced team led by Dr Harmit Kalsi has been successfully placing implants for many years and as such know firsthand the true benefits that they can bring. Visit our website at or contact us today for further information.


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