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Dental Implants – The Different Types

If you’re seeking a dental implant in Richmond or elsewhere in London, the first step will be an initial consultation to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Once this has been ascertained then your dental implant dentist will decide which type of implants to use and then put in place a treatment plan.

Dental Implants Richmond

Dental implants have been in existence for many years but due to continual advances in dental technology they have developed enormously. Today dentists use special shapes for different circumstances. Let’s take a look:

Root Type

These are the most widely used implant and as the name suggests they are shaped to represent a tooth root and are made from titanium. This shape of implant generally has a screw groove cut into it although the exact design varies from one brand to another depending on the type of bone which is present. Root form implants are typically used when a patient has sufficient bone in which to place the implant, since they have been tried and tested over many years.

Blade implants

A blade implant is often used in cases where a patient’s jawbone has thinned significantly and there is insufficient width to place a regular implant. If a blade implant is not used, then in cases such as this a bone graft would have to be performed before an implant could be placed. Blade implants are thinner than regular implants and are usually used to replace a few teeth. An increasing number of dentists are using blade implants especially when teeth are missing at the back of the lower jaw.

Subperiosteal implants

Sometimes this type of implant is used if a patient has lost a considerable amount of bone. It’s custom designed to fit the exact shape of a patient’s jaw. Using a CT scan, a model of the jaw is created and from this a metal framework is fabricated and then fitted beneath the gum but above the jawbone. Small posts protrude from the frame which are used to anchor the prosthetic teeth. They’re a good choice where several teeth are missing in the same area of the mouth.

Materials used for dental implants

The majority of dental implants are made from medical grade titanium since it bonds to the patient’s bone offering a strong and stable support for prosthetic teeth which have the potential to last for 40 years or more. Zirconia is used in a few cases and is an alternative for anyone who has a proven metal allergy.

There are also implants which are being manufactured from plastic which offers greater flexibility. Although unproven at this stage, it is an interesting development which could lower the costs of dental implants making them more affordable to a wider spectrum of patients.

Without doubt we are seeing exciting developments within the dental industry and this includes dental implants. In Richmond, here at Sheen Dental we’ve had the opportunity to help many people of all ages replace their missing teeth with what is the closest device to a natural tooth that is currently possible and we’ve seen first hand what a difference it has made to their lives. If you’d like to find out more about dental implants then give us a call and book a free no obligation consultation. Alternatively you can visit our website at to find out more.


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