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Dental Implants – Just Who Will You Be Treated By?

Although many dentists who practice general dentistry may also fit implants after a short training course, it really is a specialist field and as such an implantologist (or dental implant surgeon) is trained to do so much more than simply fit an implant. Here at Sheen Dental Dr Harmit Kalsi has been a dental implantologist for many years and has successfully fitted hundreds of dental implants in Richmond. So what exactly is the role of an implantologist?

Dental Implants Richmond

The role of a dental implant surgeon or implantologist as they are otherwise known is varied and detailed. After you have been thoroughly examined and deemed healthy by the periodontist (a registered specialist who deals in teeth support structures such as the gums and bone) the implantologist will carry out a thorough oral examination including dental scans and x-rays, and will also be interested in your past medical history in order to build up a detailed treatment plan.

Building a treatment plan

The treatment plan is really a detailed plan-of-action regarding your implant process. It’s unique and specific to you and will include the following…

  • What will happen at various stages of the implant process and when

  • The length of recovery between each stage and how to maintain good oral hygiene during this process

  • What you should or shouldn’t be eating during recovery and

  • Any contingency plan should the implant fail.

Dental implant selection

Once the plan has been agreed then the surgeon will look at selecting a dental implant. In Richmond for example, we use a variety of implant systems from leading manufacturers and our selection is based on criteria such as what’s best for the patient and what requirements it needs to meet.

The surgery itself

The implantologist will be responsible for the surgical procedure and during this part of the process the implants will be securely fastened into the jaw-line. The implant utilises a small titanium screw-like rod which is fitted into the gap where your natural teeth once were.

The prosthodontist

Finally once your implantologist has successfully placed the implants, then you should see a prosthodontist.  Registered by the General Dental Council (GDC) the prosthodontist is a highly trained dentist who co-ordinates your treatment in order to make sure that everything comes together. This includes the timely fitting or your new crowns and any after care or further treatment you may need.

As you can see, when you have treatment for dental implants, it really is a team effort. This is why here at Sheen Dental we believe it’s important for a patient to meet the team prior to the process. This is so that they feel at ease and more importantly, know what to expect. So if you’re thinking about undergoing dental implants in Richmond, then contact us for a complimentary consultation on 020 8876 5277 or visit the website at today, you’ll be glad that you did!


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