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Creating a lifetime of good dental habits

If you are a new parent, you are probably very keen to instil good habits in your children, so that they can look after themselves when they fly the nest. And so are they. That’s why, from the moment they were born, your new baby has been taking in your every move, so that they can reproduce it later. The health of your teeth has a big impact on your health in general, so it’s never to early to start instilling good oral health practice in your child. One way to start preparing them to have good teeth for is by bringing them to the dentist in Richmond.

Dentist in Richmond

An early start

At Sheen Dental, your dentist in Richmond, we recommend that you bring your baby along to your own appointments. They won’t understand what’s going on, but the information will go into their subconscious, telling them it’s safe to have the dentist poke around in their mouth because mummy and daddy are having that done and they don’t mind a bit. As babies and small children enjoy observing and copying, it won’t be long before they want to have a check-up too.

Tailored to your kids

If you want to choose a Richmond dentist who is particularly good with children, ask for an appointment with Dr Meera Shah, or Dr Thomas Crawford-Clarke, who both have a strong focus on treating children. We also offer preventive treatments, such as fluoride and fissure sealant to strengthen your children’s teeth and protection against tooth decay.

These check-ups also give us a chance to spot any potential problems early on and treat them promptly before they become serious. Catching problems early means any treatment will be less stressful for your child and for you. After all, you don’t like seeing your child scared or in pain, and most dental pain and complications are easily avoided.

We also recommend that you book regular appointments for your child with one of our 3 hygienists. They can teach your child about a healthy diet, tooth brushing, and looking after your smile in an age-appropriate, fun, and engaging manner.


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