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Considering missing a visit to our dentist in Richmond?

Many patients may feel tempted to reschedule, or even refrain from attending their scheduled biannual check-up altogether, however at our dentist in Richmond we wish to emphasise to our patients how important a general check-up at our surgery can really be.

Why might patients miss their general check-up at our dentist in Richmond?

Patients may miss their visit to our dental surgery for a wide array of reasons, a few examples of which consist of a hectic work or social life; or even a simple slip of memory! Arguably one of the most common causes for a missed check-up however, is dental anxiety.

What is dental anxiety?

A ‘dental phobia’ could be argued as the more extreme form of dental anxiety, and can be experienced by patients of all ages and therefore not just children. Many adults may feel alone in their fear of the dentist, however it is important to remember that dental phobias are in fact extremely common, and are therefore nothing to be ashamed of!

So what’s the solution?

Many patients may feel ashamed of their phobia, however at our dentist within Richmond, we strive to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible within the walls of our surgery. If you are an individual who is feeling nervous regarding your scheduled dental appointment, then you may wish to voice your concerns with a member of our team now.

Familiarising yourself with our surgery

Many individuals who are experiencing anxiety may feel more comfortable after speaking to a member of our team, however they may also feel better after taking a look at our practice gallery! Located on our both modern and easily accessible clinic website, we provide our patients with a vast array of treatment photographs, which could help them feel far more comfortable within the surgery.

Why is a visit to our clinic so important?

In addition to familiarising themselves within our dental environment, many patients may feel more tempted to visit our surgery when they discover the benefits of staying on top of their oral health! During a biannual check-up, patients may expect to receive several standardised procedures such as a scale and polish, and general questions regarding pain or swelling, also at our dental clinic we adopt a patient-centred dental approach.

What makes our surgery unique?

Choosing a dental clinic can be a tough decision for many individuals, however at our clinic within Richmond we believe we are the perfect choice for any patient wishing to stay on top of their oral health. In addition to these standardised procedures, our team will ask our patients regarding any changes to their diet or medication, in addition to any future dental treatments they wish to pursue!

At our dental clinic within Richmond, you’re in safe hands

Choosing the right surgery for your dental needs can be tough for many patients, however at our clinic within Richmond we believe our many positive patient reviews speak volumes for the impeccably high standard of dentistry provided at our clinic!


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