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Common dental worries and how we address them at the dentist in SW14

We are all individuals but some of the worries we have are similar across the board. When you work as a dentist in SW14, for example, you tend to see some of the same concerns over and over.

While we do still get surprised by something we have never heard of before at Sheen Dental, it’s not that often and, when we do, we always use our skills to administer the treatment that’s required. In the end, we do this with all our patients because, although the issues are the same, the way that you experience your dental treatment is unique to you. However, we can still offer some general reassurances and tips here to address some of the issues we see regularly.

Dentist in SW14

Tooth decay, sensitivity and other common problems

Even if you have a regular dental routine, you could still find yourself with problems like decay, sensitivity or other issues. This is because our teeth are constantly in use. They are also sometimes affected by big body changes such as illness, pregnancy or even a woman’s normal menstrual cycle. If you think you might have any of these problems or you just want a quick check-up, you can make an appointment with the dentist in SW14 at Sheen Dental; it’s better to get it looked at than to face larger problems further down the line.

Problems with the appearance of your smile

It’s natural to want to look your best. If you think your smile could benefit from some attention at the cosmetic dentist in SW14, a member of the team at Sheen Dental would be happy to advise you on the benefits of some of the treatments in our range. We often see patients who feel shy about wanting to look good at first. However, the most common experience following treatment is for them to be glad that they approached us and took the leap towards a brighter, straighter or more whole smile.


We often see nervous patients at Sheen Dental. We can advise you about techniques and treatment plans that we offer to ensure you have a positive experience with us regardless of the level of anxiety that you present with.


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