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Busting the Myths Surrounding Dental Implants

Whether you’re considering dental implants in Richmond or indeed anywhere else in the country it’s understandable that you might be apprehensive about what to expect, after all this isn’t a routine dental clean or a filling! Although there’s a multitude of information regarding the implantation process, some of it (it has to be said) is a little economical with the truth. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular myths associated with the process.

Myth 1 – It’s a long and painful process

Dental Implants Richmond

Yes the implantation process itself can be fairly lengthy taking up to 9 months to complete, but the majority of this is recovery/waiting time. This shouldn’t be confused with the surgical process which is normally fairly quick taking no more than a couple of hours or so. These days modern dentistry is far more geared towards dental implants and for most patients that means pain-free surgery. With the introduction of conscious sedation techniques, many people feel comfortable and relaxed during surgery and won’t even remember much about the process. When it comes to post surgical recovery, many people are back to work in a few days with no pain at all. Any pain that is felt is slight and can often be eased using standard over-the-counter pain killers. For those who experience a more complicated implantation process then recovery may take a little longer. Most people however fully recover within 10-20 days.

Myth 2 –  You’ve got to have prime oral health to receive implants

Whilst it’s true that in order for the implantation process to work you do need to have a healthy mouth, you won’t be turned down for implants if your oral health isn’t up to scratch. Instead your implant dentist is going to create a personalised treatment plan based around dealing with the initial problems such as gum disease or insufficient bone. Once these have been rectified, then there’s no reason why implants can’t be placed. This is the same whether you undergo treatment for a dental implant in Richmond or indeed anywhere else in the country.

Myth 3 – They’re incredibly expensive

As an initial expense, then yes dental implants are costly but in the long term they’re actually a very good deal. When you consider that for your money you’re getting the most modern and lifelike form of tooth replacement that contemporary dentistry allows, and one that (should you look after them) will last for 40 years or more, then they are in fact a really good deal. This is especially true when you consider that during this time you would have had to replace and pay for a standard denture up to 3-5 times, not to mention all the sterilising tablets and fixatives that go with it.

If you want to find out more about how dental implants in Richmond can change your life for the better then contact Sheen Dental. We’ve been fitting implants with great success for many years and have the skills and the knowledge to restore your smile once and for all. Visit our website at for further details.


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